Hearing the news about needing to move out of the state of Florida across the country to Arizona was a tough pill to swallow. Be that as it may, we managed to prep our townhome to sell, search for a new place to dwell, plan the move + adapt a plan for our new place. To get inspired for our new location & lifestyle decor, I had created style boards to refer to. To make the new place our new home, we picked paint colors, added hardware, and updated lighting fixtures. 

Utilizing thrift was a strong influence to refreshing our existing  decor to merge into in our new place. It helped to create fresh arrangements by mixing  existing pieces used in new ways. Since so many people have shifted from home owners to renters, I thought I'd group together the posts I've shared with our rental experiences. I don't believe that just because we're renting, we should be living out of stored packed boxes in the garage. I still wanted to create a comfortable home environment for Jeff and I plus our pet (Sephora). With a little effort, it is possible to turn a rented house into your home. Here is a recap with link backs to the previous posts of transforming our rental space into our new home. Hopefully these tips can be helpful & inspiring to you if you too are a renter... or about to become one.

Photos + Measurements = Multiple furniture plans
(and after actually being "in" the space, even those plans changed - so be adaptable)

 Tips for flow, taping, painting tag team, types & colors of paint, and painting doors black.

(Yes - you CAN paint: you don't have to live in boring white walls. All you have to do is ask + other ideas to transform your rental house to your home)

(switch a track + cans for spots + pendants, switch a builder chandy for an updated drum, save the ceiling fan - just switch the light kit)

(dealing with the challenge of  imagining new walls with existing pictures)

(Not enough existing window panels in the length you need? Try thrift!)


Renting: A New Closet Needs New Arrangement:

Coming up:
Renting: Restyling a New Office With Thrift

ANOTHER TIP FOR RENTERS OR MOVERS:, Pinterest, and using can be some great sources for organizing new design concepts, thoughts, and style approaches for your new location. By collecting these style thoughts now, it can help later for future packing or decor decisions like what to give away or donate before packing up to leave. 




And just because you're renting, doesn't mean you can't refresh your space with seasonal decor. Sometimes a change of season can help make you feel like you're in a different location. It doesn't take much to do to restyle for a season. below are some ways I've restyled our rental for the summer season...

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