OK... QUICK! Company is coming and you haven't done any decorating yet?  Don't lose hope, just dump some balls in a glass container and call it a day!! NOT!!! Although centerpieces and sparkles of interest can be created by SIMPLY adding glass balls to glass containers, do put a LITTLE thought and effort into it...

SIZE does matter... especially when your vessel has an odd shape. Maybe start off some snow, small beads or balls, add a large ball, two mediums, and then a few more small balls to give your container some interest. Coordinate the colors in the container to your existing holiday or home decor... or add a natural element, like pine cones or wood chips to give your display some texture. 

For homes with a modern setting, try triptychs: three vessels of same shape, with same configuration inside. This is sure to add a simple touch of holiday sparkle to you wall unit, floating shelves, or buffets. They are easy to make: just set up your workspace, like the kitchen, as an assembly line. What you place in one container, place in the others. Skewers make great extensions of your hand, to help configure your composition in narrow containers.

so go from this ... everyday seashore display

to this simple seasonal glam with just a little effort.

And if your into words... try adding initials of your favorite place or of your favorite person to personalize your decor even more. Square glass containers work best for this element and make a wonderful display for an eteger.

So don't just dump your box of balls in a bowl, add a little finesse with size, texture, and composition and impress your guests... or make it a conversation piece by adding those sentimental treasure like these over sized pine cones brought back from my grandparents trip to Hawaii...

As you know, holiday spirit can also be easily placed around other areas of the home...

To add sparkle to a space, create vignettes or collections, grouped here in a monochromatic color scheme. Add texture by mixing the finishes inside of your container with
matte, mercury, and glitter balls...

Hope you enJOYed the pics...
We still have two more weeks to enJOY all the added sparkle!!


  1. Great post.........loving all the ball/size matters jokes! What's on your drapes now? Is that the famous capiz that used to be on your dining room wall? Fantabulous!!

  2. ThX Jill!!! This year is simple: olive velvet panels against cream accented with a garland in the living room... charcoal on white with garland in the dining room...
    Hope you're enJOYing the holiday season!
    :D Lynda

  3. Great post! Love the DIY with humor! Happy Holidays!

  4. I love when you talk dirty AND boss us around.
    Now time to go and finesse my balls.
    xo xo

  5. LOL... Glad you liked it ladies!!!
    enJOY!! :D Lynda

  6. Loved the idea of using the skewer...never would have thought of that!

  7. ThX Tracy!! It made it so much easier. And probably came up with it because I was making these in the kitchen! lol



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