My Box Of Chocolate

This Thrifty Thursday finds me reminiscing of thrift finds past.... As Forest Gump said, "Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get." The same holds true when stepping into a thrift shop. Whether it's a mid century wonder, who KNOWS what they have... or even better: wandering into a DIVE of a store and finding a treasure they don't KNOW they have... Thrifting can be an exhilarating experience.

Millennium Christmas

 My first thrift FURNITURE item, I found way back in 1999, is still with me today. It's even had the privilege of being featured on HGTV's RateMySpace as an inspiration piece! Who would have thought this (then) bright green monster with its hunter green slate top would have come in handy for so many years?

Cash Cab RMS post

Dan Coffey taping HGTV's RateMySpace

When I first spotted it, it was at a Jewish Recycling Center over on Hallandale Beach Blvd. (and sadly, this store no longer exists). It was towards the back of the store... at the end of an aisle, up against a wall, with ANOTHER piece on TOP of it. While I was scoping out the place (or in other words "just looking") its lines caught my eye. I continued to the back of the store, but went back to see the piece. Its design was of solid wood, repetitive frames, clean-lined closure, hidden hinges, and NO nicks. But sadly, it was three shades of GREEN.

Bay Harbour apartment

I noted the sticker ($60) and remembered the sign from the front saying all yellow ticket furniture was HALF OFF that day. I looked at the piece again, inspecting its interior: two drawers on the upper right side, AND adjustable shelves on the left... hmmm. The green wasn't looking so bad after all. I like green. I had olive green walls in my apartment. The thrill of the RUSH was on. What sealed the deal was getting this well structured piece for only $30! No dress, no shoes, no accessory would bring me as much JOY (or storage) as this $30 investment would.

Buffet at JoY Reflection Wall

As I rationalized purchasing this emerald gem, I still had to GET it TO the apartment. While I stood in the aisle running a checklist in my head (who can I call? How can it get there? Where will I put it?) More people were starting to come into the shop... and were going down that aisle!! I couldn't take it anymore!! I bolted to the front of the store, to the manger, and said, “I'd like to purchase a piece, but will need to come back the next day to pick it up." The transaction was made. The SOLD sticker made its appearance.

My friend, Steve

I had just made my first furniture thrift purchase. I've gotten pole lights, a bowl, even jackets at thrift stores; but never anything of this significance. It was ON!! So I called the only person I KNEW who would appreciate this find: my old boss: Steve. He loves design, building and creating... he'd understand and the added bonus: HE HAD A TRUCK!

Thankfully, he not only was home that Friday night, but was available to help bring that gem to my apartment. He loved it too. Beyond its color, it had a Wright quality to it. After he left, I began cleaning it and deciding what to store in and on it. Since I lived in a one bedroom apartment, with my office nook in the living/dining room, this piece served as fantastic office storage.

School & Book storage

Bar Necessities

Eventually, I painted it my favorite color: BLACK, but I kept the inside green, to remember its journey. It's been storage to office supplies, school books, stemware, decorative vases, and most recently, bar necessities... which has been its finest calling yet. It’s been a fantastic focal point, anchoring the window wall in my old apartment, and now a part of lounging nook in our great room. I’ve often thought of painting it in another color, like white, yellow, or even red, but I love the black. Maybe I'll just paint some more of the interior and add mirror to it... whatever I do (or don't do) to it... it will still be my favorite sweet spot.... my first thrift store find.

Autumn Home

Do you thrift? What’s the best bargain beauty you've discovered?

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  1. I so totally remember when it was featured on RMS..........great piece, great story!!

  2. I have picked up some great art work at a thrift shop but lately I have found some great deals on Kijiji. It is more popular here in Windsor, Ontario than Craig's List.

  3. I'll have to chk that out B!! ThX 4 the TiP!!
    ThX 4 stopping by Jill!!

    :D Lynda

  4. You've inspired me to start hitting the thrift stores!

  5. One of my favourite thrift finds was a set of 12 water goblets at a church rummage sale for $3.00. They were brand new and I use them all the time!



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