Over time, while hunting, gathering, and finding objects you adore, you also notice patterns or similarities. Taking this, and lack of any budget into consideration, I attempted to step out of my comfort zone box. I attempted to arrange a collection of mirrors as a focal point on our accent wall in the great room. I gathered all the mirrors and leaned them together at the bottom of the wall. For over a week, I'd imagine different compositions. Friday, I drew up a composition I thought would work, and used it as a guide.

I even finally got to those "meaning to do" projects:
like paint these great mirrored wall sconces black.

I've seen on shows, blogs and articles where they pre-cut craft paper to the measurements to be hung. I've even seen Candice layout frames on one sheet of craft paper and mark of holes as a template. I've seen a Design Star candidate use blue painters tape to mark off wall displays. I was hesitant on going through all of that. What if I went through all that and didn't like it? (cause that DOES happen!!). Since our wall is a dark charcoal, I opted for the simplicity of CHALK... and couldn't have been happier!

As I do on paper, I was able to draw guidelines, notes, and measurements. I was able to start to apply the drawing. I was able to make changes easily with a damp sponge... or even draw another "option" directly over its original plan.

After drawing and measuring on the wall, I'd step back to see if it looked and felt "right" for the space. It's quite a different arrangement for our home. I'm use to lining pictures up verticle, horizontal, or as a grid. Flowing the chaioss on the wall was kind of frightening.  I think I was finally able to overcome the fear of trying it because I'm no longer surrounded by chaioss. Where I had worked was pretty chaotic and I always wanted to come home to o r d e r. Now that I see order all the time: I WANNA MIX IT UP!

At first, I had thought all the frames should be black. After they were up and in place, I sat in my fav chair, watched TV and kept looking back over to the wall. My poor husband thought, "Oh great. You don't like it", and thought I'd be changing it again. It's not that I didn't like it, but it was missing "something". The "something" was silver. The all black on gray looked too flat. Strategically adding the silver not only popped the flow, but it tied into the added sparkle of the Christmas decor, tied into the B&W printed pillows and finally tied into JOY. Joy is special. I only use these letters at Christmas time because Christmas time is special and so filled with JOY.

This focal point added visual interest from the kitchen looking into the great room. It also doesn't compete with any other focal point in the room, like the soft wall of panels behind the sofa, or more importantly: my husbands HDTV. Mirrors are far too distracting to hang around a TV. The pair of lamps helped give lighting balance to the space as well.

Coincidentally, the same day I installed the mirrors, Ralf Martson posted an inspiration quote about mirrors:
"FILL YOUR WORLD: Life is a mirror that reflects back to you what you do. The way to improve the reflection is to improve what's being reflected."  from http://greatday.com/
I may have not yet filled my world,
but I sure did fill my wall... with mirrors mirrors... and JOY.


Over time, you can add to your gallery - layering in art like black & white photos...



Updated with: a revamped $5 thrift lamp, red redux to a 10 year old thrifted buffet, and adding gold paint to some of the silver & black mirror frames.

So take a little time to "live" with your new gallery... and watch it grow!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looks wonderful chica! I am not suprised that you went front page on RMS either.........I am not on there much anymore at all. May your holidays be filled with so much JOY as well my friend!

  2. ThX Jill!!! It's not the same over there anymore... I'll probably end posting there mid-yr next year. May your holidays also be filled with JOY!!!

  3. I've admired your compositions and your amazing talent on HG! Now that I've found this blog, as a "true blue 62 year young groupie" I must say......you inspire me and I look forward to taking a peek @ your creations.

    My understanding on the RL paint was that Home Depot had purchased the exclusive use of the name and that contract expired. The paint colors and innovations of texture were initially created by Sherwin williams in their R&D department...then, wholesale price became a concern....SW would not comply with cuts, and the color palletes SW created were copied and the RL paint continued on.



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