Jetting out from the US mainland, is a cluster of about 1700 islands known as the Florida Keys. At the tail end is a wonderful little escape known as Key West. Even though it's been called "close to perfect, but far from normal", this island is rich with history, from its historic seaports and devastating hurricanes to its famous residents (including presidents), resilient & timeless architecture styles and breathtaking sunsets...

To set sail into summer this Memorial Day, FOCAL POINT will be featuring a blog a series I'll be posting this week called Key West Week. Key West , aka Margarita-ville and also known as "The Conch Republic", has not only been a destination for divers, bikers, and party-goers... but many famous people have called Key West home throughout the years. The island's relaxed, eclectic, and carefree atmosphere has been a draw to writers such as Robert Frost, Tennessee Williams and Ernest Hemingway... as well as artists such as John James Audubon, musician Jimmy Buffet and even fashion designer Calvin Klein.

On your next visit to Key West, a beautiful place to visit - rich with architecture and history - is Truman's Annex.

The area of Truman's Annex was first established in 1845 as a part of Fort Zachary Taylor, a U.S. Army installation. The base was eventually taken over in 1947 as the "Fort Zachary Taylor Annex" to Naval Station Key West. It became known as Truman's Annex after president Truman spent several winters here - at a getaway called the Little White House.

photo by Steve Smith

Construction of The Little White House was completed on May 24, 1890 - when it initially served as the command headquarters of the naval station during the Spanish American War, World War I and World War II. In 1946 the historic building first served as the winter White House of President Harry S. Truman and a site for the Cold War response by later presidents. On January 1, 1987, it was deeded to the State of Florida and is held in trust as a public museum. Almost a million dollars restored the house to its 1949 appearance in 1990.

Truman's Annex is the most exclusive and magnificent development in Old Town Key West. Quietly tucked behind beautiful wrought iron gates with wide streets are these magnificent multi-million dollar homes, lined with lush landscape of 30’ majestic royal palms, sprawling vines and exotic flowering plants...

(BTW: That swing chair back there is available at Pier 1)

The historic Foundry building has been
restored into town homes, and is available
for upcoming vacation getaways...

It is just a short way from the historic Little White House, and you are only one short block to the (still) BLUE tropical waters of the Gulf of Mexico - where you can hop on a fishing boat for flats or deep sea fishing, take the Ferry to Sunset Key for lunch or dinner, go parasailing, snorkeling, diving, or shopping.

Just another short stroll takes you to Mallory Square where the world renowned 'Sunset Celebration' occurs every day... This event is a don’t miss of things to do in Key West...

Hope you are enJOYing your Memorial Day,
with friends and family...

And join me tomorrow as we set sail
into summer with
Key West Week...


  1. Happy Memorial day to you too Lynda! Gorgeous pics. Key West has great places.

  2. Thanks Jill!! and yes it does!! It's more than just a bar hoppin' town and divers den - it's actually rich with HISTORY!!

    Happy Memorial Day!
    :D Lynda

  3. Happy Memorial Day to you, Lynda! I'm really enjoying the Key West the Truman "White House!"

  4. Key West is very much a fun place to visit. I totally enjoyed the laid back mentality of this place as well as the richness in diversity.

    Can't wait to read more!

    Hope your Memorial Day was fantabulous!

  5. Hi Lynda...can you believe we lived in S. Florida for nine years and never made it to the boys where small and we just never felt it would be a good place to take them.....I think now we would all love it. Great photos here!~ We are going to be in South Florida over the summer time...staying down in Del ray...or better known to us as Dull ray lol!~ Not really it is fun there and we are staying right across from the beach. Have a good one!

  6. Hi Lynda~
    I love this series you're doing on Key West, a place I've wanted to go for so long. I'm so excited!!! What a great start with this beautiful post. Thank you!!

  7. Thanks ladies!! Glad you are enJOYing your trip to America's Southern Most Point: KEY WEST!! =) It really is a beautiful place to go discover...

    :D Lynda



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