Finally... It's time to "shut the front door" on summer and "go bananas" for fall! September is beginning and Labor Day weekend will signify the official end of Summer. Not only is time to put away the lighter colors, starfish, seashells and seascapes in the home, it is also time to bring out acorns, branches, crows and pumpkin spice scented candles. It's also time to check those closets for wearable fall details... bangles, belts, bags, boots, cuffs and clutches. As part of the September Style Series I'll be posting, here's a look into some of my accessories I'm pulling together for fall along with a few tips for mixing, saving money, and even relating to your wardrobe style to your home...

Gold details

Still LOVE my cuffs but also now LOVE bangles...

Even mixing metals like gunmetal & gold...

After catching up on fall trends over the weekend as I went through Vogue, InStyle, ELLE, Bazaar and even the special issue of Bazaar (gold & black with Jennifer Aniston on cover - in an homage to Barbara Streisand), I also checked Rachel Zoe's Top 20 Must Haves for Fall. Armed with accessory and fashion trend knowledge... I headed into the closets...

Top handle bags, leopard prints, platforms and clutches are big trends for fall... Thankfully I already had these in the closet!

Gold metal disc necklace was a $4 thrift
find from well over ten years ago...

Dig deep ladies. It's amazing what treasures you may find you already have. And just keep in mind, not every trend is for everyone. Just because something is a trend, doesn't mean it's "ok" to pile it on - meaning, just because leopard is in - please don't pull a Theresa and dress yourself head to toe (OR more importantly your children). Leave leopard as your color pop. You wouldn't walk out head to toe in orange just because it's fall - think the same way with leopard. 

Stretch belts are a popular item seen in retailers.
This one I got about two years ago, and this gold statement piece was another thrift find from over ten years ago...

Although you may already have bangles,
mix the metals and refresh the look with an over sized cocktail ring.

Just like in a room, the accessories we wear do need to be edited. One or two key pieces may be all that is needed for wearing a wow factor; however, it is fun to pull them all together, take a few pics of them, and maybe even come up with a few new-to-you combinations from some older pieces (like mixing metals). This is also a great way to see what you have and see what you need - like cocktail rings which are a MUST and a quick and inexpensive way to update this season. Remember when you go to shop - be specific with your purchases - which in the end will save you money...

LOVE my Kenneth Cole booties I got in NYC last summer
I got to meet Kenneth Cole, and he signed the box!

Fab find for fall - this bag was a steal at only $15.
Rouched & chain details - great for fall!

Rethink your belts. This one (I got last fall) 
just may work on a sweater dress as a necklace.

Even trending leggings can have a 'few' details -
but don't co crazy - but be age appropriate.

This twisty piece can be a necklace or a bracelet. I found it at a flea market in Florance (on our honeymoon three years ago) for about $10. The multi-black beaded cocktail ring I found earlier this year for only $10. The over sized stone ring I found the other day for only $6.

Pulling together an updated look for a season need not be cause for alarm - it doesn't mean you need to run out and buy everything on every list on every website of in every magazine. Pull together what you like, add in one or two new items, and even dig out a few oldies but goodies to pair with something new. Pulling these looks together for your wardrobe can not only be uplifting for your self - it could also inspire a fresh take on an interior space...


Each of these ranged from only $3 to $6

Thankfully I already have a smokey gray bag, dark chocolate boots, and a convenient handled clutch with top stitch detail.

Kitten heels, stilettos, to the knee and....

even over the knee boots - check check and check!
(yes - even though I live in Florida - I LOVE
wearing boots the second September hits.)

As you can favorite color is black, especially at this time of year. I'll be not only wearing it, but adding more into our home for fall. The trick with using it though, whether wearing or living in it, is to mix textures and layers...

Sephora is liking the updated digs...

The blue & white are packed up.
Blacks, browns, and grays are starting to
make their way into the space now...

Part of transitioning into fall, I'll probably be bringing back down the dark wood rectangular coffee table to replace these three pieces...
This is just the beginning - I'm working on a project I picked up today while curb mining... it should be installed this weekend (weather permitting)

Sephora is really a fashionista...

She likes accessories... and can I tell you... she also loves...

(and animal print - heehee)

What are your favorite colors to wear for fall? What trends have you seen that you'll be adding or trying? Do you see yourself adding more of the colors you wear into your home?

I'll be posting more about the curb mining project
for Thrifty Thursday, so stayed tuned...

And BTW: THANK YOU for all the beautiful comments on the
Tweaking The Think Tank post... and welcome new followers!!


  1. My goodness- I've barely switched to the blue and haven't even finished accessorizing and your already packed up with a new look!!? Your quick!! Oh and I do share your love of black ;)

  2. make me miss merchandising so much! I love your style and displays! I hope you have decided to take the new job, you will inspire lots of the Miami crowd. I love the twin towers statuette...I think people from tri-state area will pick up on that. Again, your an inspiration

  3. Lynda! Wow! What amazing work. I love the placement, especially the pendant serving as the "O" in the word "Love." And excuse me if I've missed something, but a cat named Sephora? Too much! What shall we name our flower shop? xoxo Stan

  4. TOMORROW I start putting the shells away and bringing out the FALL! I am so excited to start, (even though it is 96 degrees here in Pa.!!!). I LOVE fall and decorating and CLOTHES!!! I usually wear black, grey and browns and also love olivy greens and rust. I ahve TONS of jewelry to accessorize and bags too! YEAH for Fall!!!!! XO, Pinky

  5. I'm having a hard time hanging up summer this year. Just back from Cabo and haven't shifted gears. Thanks for the push!

  6. Thanks Angie, Lucky 7, Stan. Pinky and Mona!

    Mona - I just wish I could "push" the Florida heat away and let some cooler days start now too!

    Stan: How about "Sticks & Stones & Frugal Finds Flower Shop" ??? :D

    Thank for stopping by...
    :D Lynda

  7. Lynda I love your stylel, You are spot on!!! I like a touch of leopard but only one touch at a time. I have leopard flats that I will wear with just about anything and I have a favorite leopard scarf that I have had for almost 16years or more, I dread the day it bites the dust. Fun post I hope you do more on fashion. Love this, Kathysue



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