Thrift stores are not only a hot spot to find some fab home goods on a budget, but you can also hunt & gather some fashion deals & details there too. Just like with interior style, my wardrobe style has evolved through the years, but I do still include some thrift finds into my wardrobe. Thrifting for fashion is also a great way to be green - giving new life to clothes that would otherwise be pitched into a landfill - as well as way to cut clothing expenses or create your own personal style. As with interiors, the key is to mix old with new...

Details on this mix at the end of the post...

$5 Liz Claiborne Jacket...

with great mini-grommet details...

Mix in specialty store finds with your thrift store finds - I found these Banana Republic Jeans (THAT FIT!) on sale for $11.99 with an ADDITIONAL 30% off - which came to only $8 from their original $79.50!!

Take advantage of events - like Shoe Week - at Ross...

Spotted these on trend platforms from BCBG at Ross for only $10!!
(and yes - I passed - Saving money while shopping is also knowing the difference between needs and wants - I may have wanted these - but I really don't need right now)

Charlotte Russe jacket at $5

$11 Goodwill fur coat (found back in 2000)

It has seen NYC several times...

Classic styling is the key to keepers...

Coat in NYC again... :)

$7 Suede skirt

Mini (at $3) to wear with leggings and flats for early fall...

or pair with leggings and boots in the winter...

$3 Embroidery & embellished skirt (found in 2002)...

can easily be paired now with a sweater or
layered with a cardigan for a Mad Men look...


This unexpected chic Zara halter dress
I found last year at only $12

It can be easily dressed up with heels,
or layered with a cardi & belt over it - or I've even seen
halters with a long-sleeve fitted solid crew under it...

Classic styling $3 silver clutch (found in 2005)...

sleek - slim - CLUTCH - and on trend now
"buy now - love forever - the clutch"

Vintage bling bag find - Rhinestone clutch (2007 at only $7) 

A fave for evenings - or to add
sparkle to jazz up jeans...

Statement pieces
(like this one at $3 found in the 90's)
are another great thrift find...

for your wardrobe or even for a costume...

This piece (from the 90's at only $5) still works great when paired with a maxi-dress, a black tee, a tunic or a turtleneck!

Simple wooden beads - (also found in the 90's at only $2)
add to your wardrobe OR your home (as a tie-back or glass filler)...

Lately, I did find these great stylized cowboy boots for only $8 - but the 'kicker' to shopping thrift - the lack of sizes for your one-of-a kind-finds - these were a size 6 at only $8!! but I'm a 7 - so had to pass :(

TONS of jeans - and name brands too
at a steal - from $3 - $15

Even Goodwill has amped up their visuals - and related styles to
seasonal presentations - Jeans: The BTS Staple...

Cute children's denim display...
And who couldn't use a denim jacket to
layer over your existing wardrobe
(great to throw on over a maxi in the evening)...

(another old NYC pic - but in a thrifted
Gap denim jacket - and yyyup - I was a blonde!)

So shop your closets, clearance, and thrift stores...
(and get inspirations from magazines from Vogue to Glamour)
to put together an (age appropriate) look of your own...


$5 Liz Claiborne jacket
$5 New York Girl screen tee
$7 Classic black patent clutch
$14 Black & Red Rampage platforms
$8 Banana Republic jeans
$5 Hoops
$15 Chain-links necklace
$7 Cocktail ring
Gift - Tiffany Sterling Cuff

IN THE MIX: $66 On-Trend Outfit

Here's two links to check out for thrift styling your wardrobe
and if you are wondering if you're looking good or bad
in your look - check out the Try It On network or even these
wardrobe networks called
There is even a fun group on flickr
called Wardrobe Remix to get ideas from. These sites are actually even more in tune with what is 'on trend' in street wear than the latest issue of a fashion magazine...

Happy Thrifty Thursday
Recessionista - Fashionistas!!



  1. GREAT post!!! LOVE the Green Halter and would not have had the will power to walk away from the BCBG's for $10!! ;)

  2. Thanks Angie! It was a true struggle - they were fabulous! But left them there to brighten someone elses spirit! :)

    Thanks for stopping by...
    :D Lynda



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