Most of the time, whenever you want to go someplace in Miami, you need to do some serious planning: plan your route, plan on traffic, plan on deciphering Mapquest directions and plan on parking. But thankfully, there are some hot spots that are starting to come alive and thrive again, one of which is the Design District, located in the now trending area called MidTown Miami.

"Look - Taste - Explore - Shop"

Although I've come across the District in my online travels, passed by it several times on my way to Miami Beach, and even experienced clubbing in the area (way-way back in the day), I still had some reserve about venturing down to the area - especially at night. Well fear not anymore because what a remarkable transformation has occurred - It truly has become a place to "Look - Taste - Explore - Shop"...

The area has been urbanized and cleaned up and it is a wonderful place to walk around and discover... up & coming shops, well established brands, gorgeous showrooms, delicious eateries, fantastic galleries, unique street art, and even trending food trucks as well as outdoor lounges with live and DJ'd hip music...

What sparked the inspiration to go explore this area? A wonderful phone call I received last week from a Design Consultant - Bruce Imhoff. Bruce had read my blog-post from our kitchen transformation, which was sent to the showroom from  the corporate office of Granite Transformations. They were so thrilled with our delight in their product, they not only sent and email and commented on the blog, Bruce called to invite us to their showroom for light refreshments, and to come discover the District...

What a delight! Jeff and I met with Bruce, Steven Klick the Showroom General Manager, a Territory Representative named Barry and the South Florida Executive Administrator Elena Girardello. Even our consultant Eric, who gave us the product presentation in our home was there. Bruce was so kind in not only escorting us around the showroom, but he gave us a wonderful gift of a (green) recipe book and a (green) tote to carry the book and other (green) product literature from the showroom (I'll be sharing with you during a future post).

Since it is summertime, some of the neighboring showrooms and shops were closed for vacation time, but I'm looking forward to venturing back to the District - maybe even as soon as tomorrow! Ironically, on the front page of the Miami Herald on Sunday was an article about the urbanization of MidTown you can read about here at MAD ABOUT MIDTOWN and here at MIDTOWN MIAMI OVERCOMES CHALLENGES

For more information about Granite Transformations, their green products, our experience, and our kitchen makeover earlier this year read: 

Granite Transformations:
Green Products - Green Totes - Green Recipe Book

If you'd like more information about the Design District, read: 

Event takes place monthly on every 2nd Saturday

Go Green...
and go check out the new scene in

Miami's MidTown... The Design District.


  1. Sounds like a really fun and interesting place to visit!

  2. Yes!! And even David Bromstad has his studio near-by... Maybe I'll run into some time!

    :D Lynda



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