You can bet you'll be seeing these colors in big box stores not only for prom, but inspiring home decor products as well. Although the Pantone 2011 Color Of The Year is Honeysuckle, several shades and tones of pink made an appearance on the red carpet - from bright to pale. Other popular colors - along with classic black gowns were pale golds and the richest and beautiful hues in emerald green...

My faves...

I've only color blocked some of my faves, but you can ready more about the designers, stars and also "get the look" from visiting Just Jared ... along with (I'm sure) so many other blog-post recaps that will be flooding the Internet this week. I'm looking forward to seeing E! recap the best and the worst.... which BY FAR the worst has to be ...

Helena Bonham Carter - WORST Dressed - EVAHHH!!!!

Most adorable was Lea Michele from Glee and
Olivia Wilde looked beautiful too....

Which gowns were your faves?

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  1. The gowns were amazing! Both the styles and colors were striking except for Helena of course but In her case, any publicity is good even if it's because she had an ugly dress. Even the men were sporting some decent color. My fave? Johnny Depp - OMG : )

  2. * Thanks! That was fun, especially sitting here in my fav, ugly ol' "jammies" (that I LOVE!), this cool AZ a.m...

    Lots of pretties here & only a few "not-so-pretties", BUT, the woman BEHIND "Lee Michele" (2nd to last pic) IS, IMHO, ABSOLUTELY STUNNING in the grey & black~~ reminds me of my very fave style icon, Audrey Hepburn!!!

  3. I thought Lea Michele looked adorable too! Not only was her dress pretty but she just looked so happy every time they showed her. A lot can be said about a genuine smile!

  4. Is HBC wearing two different shoes? Oh sweet baby jesus.....



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