A new year means time to rethink new color combinations around the home. Although I see my own pattern of routinely leaning towards cool colors - greens and blues - I am actually toying with the idea of playing with pinks. When I told mom this, she nearly fell to the floor - she knows for many years how pink to me was the equivalent of nails running down a chalk board.  Now here I am talking about having some of it in our home.

Maybe it's a representation of my personal growth (in other words - age lol). Or maybe it's simply just the fact that I'm more aware of my femininity vs. wearing balls all the time. I'm even finding myself drawn to roses even more than ever before. But rather than run right out and buy a boat load of pink spray paint, or window treatments, I've been testing living with subtle pops of pink by using the pink roses. And since I had two Pier One gift certificates, I used them to pick up two velvet & linen clearance pillows I had spotted on line. They pair well with the winter whites and greys I added after holiday. 

Speaking of holiday, above pics are a look back at what I had done for New Year's Eve. This year, I had actually taken down the tree before NYE, and utilized that space to set our table for two. Although I did remove most Christmas decor to de-clutter before New Years Eve, I did use some of the more glam decorations (like more mercury and mirrors) paired with gold and added black for new years. I'll post more details about the New Years Eve tablescape during holiday 2011.



Can't share after pics until the space has been revealed to David.
He's been on the west coast at various guest appearances, doing interviews and now is headed to the frigid cold up north for some upcoming specials.

As for now, along with still getting adjusted to the new schedule, trying to maintain blog posts, a studio makeover last week and sourcing details for David's designs, I'm also looking around for some new inspiration to try new looks around here. Many of the fabrics I've been spotting have been a great source of inspiration - more so than stores (and even some magazines). Stores haven't yet received all their "pink" goods, and those that have, like Homegoods, I've already seen sold out. Below are some shots I've captured while out sourcing... and have become my inspirations for this year...


especially in greens or pinks

and natural elements
(always my fave!)

 like trellis, fret, and chevron patterns

which I'd like to attempt to do to my white sofa.

How has your year been going so far? Any new adventures or projects?
What is inspiring you?

Stay tuned for the studio makeover reveal, upcoming spring table styling, new projects to tackle, new thrifted finds and more home makeovers...



  1. I'm right there with you on the pink! I've never been able to attach myself to it, what-so-ever. But I love the way you incorporated it into your home!! It brightens things up just a tad.

    As far as what's inspiring me recently--it's the over-priced quotes I've gotten on reupholstery! I'm inspired to learn how to upholster just to save $1,000 on labor!! :)

    Keep on posting your wonderfully creative ideas!! They keep me inspired to freshen up my home all the time! Love your work!!

  2. I'm finally re-doing my red dining room with grey/blue, green and gold and lightening up my chairs with some white linen slipcovers. I don't think I can do pink again. I have always been partial to green and blue and even though I didn't really like pink, I painted my dining/living room pink in the late 80's. Girly girls are really going to love it though!

  3. I am starting to feel the same about pink. For a while I couldn't stand the color now I'm starting to like small doses! I love the decor for your NYE party. As I get older, I am feeling less need/want to have a tree up for Christmas. I rather decorate the house.

  4. Lynda, you always know how to put textures and patterns and colors together just right. You know I am always inspired by your work.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  5. Hi Lynda, I'm visiting from TableTop Tuesday where your entry was right after mine. I'm so glad I came...your blog is a treasure trove of great ideas. I especially like the Thrifting aspect of your design theories. I enjoyed viewing all of your sidebar galleries and monetizing endeavors. I'm also now a follower and look forward to more of your outstanding posts.

  6. Hello,
    Love roses! They do add the romantic and the feminine and fit any style! Your selection is gorgeous!

  7. Oh my, so much wonderful eye candy and inspiration. Love all of the pics and all of the vignettes. Stunning. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty



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