It's been a little while since I've been out thrifting... however, last week I got inspired to check out my local thrift shops. I started getting together some finds now to pull together a Springtime look for Easter. Although I am specifically hunting for some rose colored glasses, I am still drawn to simple white, but textured dishes. And since it's also end of season clearance at retailers, I also picked up clearance items at West Elm, that could possibly work for spring or even summer...

Scallop milk glass bowl $1

Teapots to use as flower containers - maybe even for a Mother's Day brunch at only $2

More milk glass bowls at $1

Green geometric printed napkins a $3 find for set of 4 at West Elm... to pair with my cheveron/zig-zag runner and ikat printed dishes for summer...

Found these charming clearance items at Homegoods for a great deal:

Lovely pedestal side table in white

Easily can be slip covered or just reupholster...
Great new chairs at $69 ea - and they had a set of 4...

Some more finds spotted for spring (but NO - I did not pick up - Hubs would kill me if I did... plus garage only holds so OH!! And BTW: If you are in South Florida - FAITH FARM THRIFT will be having a sale on the weekend on February 4th... Here's some more finds I spotted there...

GORGEOUS hutch at ONLY $109

Beautiful glass front doors....

Pair of chairs (easy to recover or leave alone) at only $15

Crystal Easter egg at only $3
(but only 1 - wish they had at least 4)

Only $15... Similar item sells easily on Etsy for $50...


Yes... Wedgwood.
Pretty patterned pieces at only $25

Pretty pink & gold for spring...

Great streamline vintage coffee pot -
 Great to use as flower container only $10.

Beautiful silver pieces - just shine up with tooth paste =)

Quilted texture & simple white container at only $3

This cluster I found separately in 3 different rows and totalled only $11.

It's a new year and time for new finds...
Happy Thrifty Thursday!


  1. Lunda where do you find all these gorgeous things? I have nowhere around near me for thrifty finds. I am loving the Easter feel, the thought of some warmer weather on the horizon :)

  2. Those are amazing finds! I can never find such beautiful treasures :)

  3. How is the hutch only $109, and how did it not come home with you? I love that! How do you find such great things?

  4. YOu are one very lucky gal to have the awesome things that you do in your area. So jealous. But, yet, I have been inspired to go check out a few of the local thrifts today just to see if things are getting a little more exciting around these here parts. :)
    The cabinet is fab! The glass only is worth the $. Just think how many little things you could put in there if it was in the garage? :) LOL

  5. great finds -- but where do you store all those seasonal dishes? I easily have 9 or 10 sets of dishes and I've totally run out of space ...

  6. LOVE everything you found! Such great style! Looking forward to reading you more!

    Eddie + Jaithan

  7. LOVE the chevron runner! Where on earth did you find it??

  8. Wow! You really get me in the mood for thrifting! x



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