Southwest Style Inspirations For Our Move to Arizona and Pinterest have become some great sources for organizing new design concepts, thoughts, and style approaches for our new location. By collecting these style thoughts now, it can help me make some more decisions on what to give away or donate before we pack up to leave. I think I'd give my mom most of my more beachy - nautical blues, so she would have things to do her guest room. I 'may" hold on to some of my greens I love to use in the Spring - especially since I won't be seeing so much green out in the desert. And I'm glad I've been re-united with my reds lately, because I can see them being used more frequently with our new lifestyle & surroundings.


Already do love stones and rocks. Really like this look with long feathery grass....

Some of the new pieces & details I'm looking forward to collecting or adding to our decor is Navajo prints (blankets, rugs - even as a wall hanging - or pillows, geodes (gorgeous mineral rocks & stones), more silver & turquoise to grow my existing collection (I'm fascinated with the Navajo needlepoint design for a cuff), weather & reclaimed woods, pottery and some yummy brown worn leather. To help get us started, I'm REALLY tempted to take some sandpaper to Jeff's brown leather (recliner) chair in the living room... It needs a little more character and texture - don'tcha think? :)

LOVE the look of this muted turquoise adding life to
the rustic elements, furs, and skins...

Navajo Needlepoint Cuff
Would like to find a vintage map of Arizona to mix in with existing galleries...

Sandy, earthy mix of stone, wood, and metal.

Something I started collecting and taking photos of last year was of horses. Maybe I can capture a few more images of wild horses to put up in our new place. I know cactus is going to be a new subject (vs. images of skyscrapers). And something I was more into here, but I think I'm going to do less of out there are the more intense seasonal changes. I don't think I'll only have our shells & coral on display only in the summer. I think those are going to become more mixed in to our decor, along with more of our travel photos - AND MAPS - to tell the story of where we've been (New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Georgia, and Florida's beaches / coastlines).

New obsession: Tobacco / brown leather...

LOVE these colors & these horses...

Mixing textures, rustic elements, and industrial finds.

A new room I'm excited to get set will be a guest room, because I can't tell you, how many people are ready to book a flight out to AZ to come visit us. My mom's friends up in New Jersey are even wanting to meet her in an AZ airport and come visit all together :) and that would be REALLY nice! Something else that will be nice is getting to explore a different part of the United States, and learn more about its history. Might have to also venture out and do some American Picking out here, especially since some of AP's travels have been to AZ. And one of my favorite American architects - Frank Lloyd Wright has a place to go explore, Taliesin West, which I believe also holds most of his drawings.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West

LOVE this color pallet!

Navajo textile called Two Gray Hills

Great idea: Display some southwest (Navajo) textiles on wall to welcome guests to AZ.
A few people from here on the blog and on Facebook have even contacted me (thank you) to ask me to come help them with their home after we're unpacked (that will be fun!!) And even just to meet for coffee... Who knew when I first started blogging coming up on two years ago, this would be a tool to help bridge and connect us to new people and lives in the new place we'll live :)

I already love & admire Ansel Adams photography...

So I'm sure you'll see a few more, other than the two winter ones I have.

Desert Tracks Ansel Adams

Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona 1942

Although I still have a few projects to share that I've done around here (like refinishing the buffet and decorating for Fall - while selling our place) I did want to take a few posts to share all the new information and inspiration I've been coming across lately... I thought it would have been sooner, but the house will finally be listed by this weekend. The other day, they hauled away Jeff's truck, which kind of finalized that this is "really"" happening... Right now, I'm processing all the new info and getting ready to "embrace the (new) place where I'm at." I read Ralph Marston daily, and recently came across this line, I thought was appropriate for now...

"Don't be too quick to place judgments on events as they unfold. What initially seems like it might hurt you, may very well end up helping you." ~ Ralph Marston



  1. Loving all of the rustic industrial looks!! Happy packing :)

  2. Lots of new possibilities and a whole new world of textiles to play with, Lynda! You'll love the challenge I'm sure. :)
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  3. This is so different than what you have now. Does that mean you'll be having another garage sale? Just sayin'....

  4. Lynda make Talesin West one of your first stops. It is incredible and I still think about my visit there often and imagine how incredible it would be to have met such a genius like Frank Lloyd Wright. I love all your ideas!!

  5. Did you sell your yellow and white Target pillows? Are you considering an online moving sale thru Craigslist or ebay?

  6. Arizona is rich in culture and tradition. So finding an inspiration for design is not a problem.

    J. Harp @ Interior Design Pro



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