Goodbye August - Hello September!

Not only has summer flown by, but it seems the year has flown by too. Thankfully though, we're all headed into the "most wonderful time of the year"... even with a few hurtles to overcome. For us, we're heading into the dreaded mortgage adjustment. Things are so much different here today then they were when we moved here in October 2006 - We've gone from two incomes to one, we got married, and we have a cat. Along with that cat, we've accumulated a little bit more "stuff", but as with most of you, a new season brings on that "urge to purge." I know Fall doesn't officially start until later this month, but stepping out of August (summer) and into September today... it just feels like Fall has begun... and somewhere in that feeling, is the hope of renewals and new beginnings...

To get you in the Fall state of mind...
here's a few pinteresting pins from some of my boards on Pinterest...

Time to Welcome more vists from family & friends...

Time to take long rides where the roads doesn't end...

Time for brisk cool walks on crisp fallen leaves...

Time to layer your rooms with warmth if you please....

Time for harvets fresh apples, recipies and cider!

Time to bring out the boots - and see if your feet got a little wider!

(Shades of carmel, camel, tobacco, and brown look AMAZING paired with black.
Think of it as the equivalent to how wood warms black in a room.)

Time to transition this summers STRIPE TREND by adding layers for Fall...

Time to add "A" leopard accessory to your home - or wardrobe - just
don't do them ALL!!!
Time to pull out your ponchos & capes! THEY'RE BACK!!!

And of course... time for pumpkins - just not Halloween yet
because that would be WHACK!

All of these images with link-backs can be found on my Pinterest boards:

How will you welcome Fall?

Enjoy your first day of September!!
Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. I ADORE Fall and all it represents (except the coming of witer:):) Can't wait for boots, ponchos, cider, pumpkins and DECORATING for Fall!!!!!!!!!!!! Goegeous images. I wish I ahd a big wagon like the first pic to fill EXACTLY like that!!!! I do decorate my front porch too. XO, Pinky

  2. I'm not ready for summer to end just yet. Where did it go?! haha! But I do love dressing for fall, fall scents and fall decorating. I might need some new clothes though...always love a reason to shop! :)

    Have a wonderful long holiday weekend!


  3. I am not ready!!! We have traveled so much this summer that I feel it has flown by! My baby starts Kindergarten next week and that is killing me too! I need time to stand still for just a bit, but I must say that fall is my favorite time of year! I am off to follow you on Pinterest! It is so addicting!!!

  4. Wonderful ideas from all those pins. Gotta love pinterest!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE those pictures!! This California girl does not get to see Fall in it's full glory!! But I do love fall, and pull out the boots as much as I can!! :) Thanks for your sweet comment on my site! I'm now your newest follower!! :) xo, Reannah

  6. I'm with all of you - CAN'T WAIT FOR FALL!!! Just wish it would get cool down here and STAY cool for a while. Thanks for stopping by!!

    xo Lynda



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