Touched With Gold - Mirror Makeovers & Accessory Updates

Although I'm keeping our Fall decor a little more simple this year, I did take some time to update some accessories, mirrors, a lamp and even refinished a buffet. They were all experiments I tried out, and I'm loving the updated looks! One look I actually had started to admire last year was adding in GOLD. So this year, to balance out our living space, I added in a few more gold touches by updating the finish on a few existing pieces like these mirrors...

Light, bright & crisp in silver, gray, black & white

Adding in some gold helped to warm up the look of the wall, and help transform the mood of the room from Summer to Fall...

I used both, a touch of Rust-oleum's metallic gold, and a little lit of RL Aluminum I had...

This was a good way to still mix metals in the space...

but still mainly focusing on the addition of the gold...

Since I already had painted the mirror black
(about 4 years ago - It was mahogany and attached to a dresser we had, but donated)

Using the chip brush added texture. Keeping in as a dry-brushed look let the black show through a bit... and relates to the other black pieces in the room...

I also painted over the other silver mirrors on the gallery wall...
(thankfully our first floor is tile, which makes it so easy to paint inside!)

The REALLY funny thing about this though is the other mirrors on the wall WERE gold when I first got them (like back in the 90's lol) and I wanted NO PART of anything gold in the new Millenium! Funny how everything old is new again :)

I thought this may look "too gold", even with the silver showing through... so I tried something: I layered over the metallics with my Jacobean wood stain...

I used two brushes: One to apply the stain - the other was the chip brush to give it a hash texture...

A little more work than spray painting last year... but easy enough to do in an afternoon,
and no over spray! YAY!

Again - I laughed when I was painting this mirror last year - from silver to gold - because it was gold originally... To change its look, I had not only sprayed it silver, but I had added a few pieces of silver leaf. Thankfully, the Rust-oleum Gold Rush spray covered it evenly, so it did show through...

Read more about GOLD tablescape transforamtions

Last year I hung the gold painted round mirror in the dining room for Fall.
For Holiday, I had moved it back over the bookcase in the living room, and it's stayed all year. I might move things around (a bit) while cleaning, but when something works well in a space, I usually will leave it.

Having the round in the room helps worm the space because round is more approachable...

(Round mirror - JCP -- Lamps - HomeGoods)

For my Fall Transition, I relocated some of the accessories around the mirror, and painted them as well...

Sephora REALLY loves these Salvaged Stools, and they helped bring some red over to this side of the space...

No white after Labor Day!
I refinished my white accessories with shades of black (more about that shortly - so stay tuned!) My lamps (this one from Homegoods), I changed shades from whites to greys and blacks. (Grey linen shades from HomeGoods).

The black and the gold textured mirror frames and some silver gave a great mixed look to the revamped space for Fall...

And painting the 10 year old thrift buffet was another small change
 (done in one afternoon) that made a huge difference!

More about the red redux on the buffet in another upcoming post...

GALLERY WALL 2010 - Collected over time (from thrift, JCP, Ikea & HomeGoods)

Ironically, the day I was painting the mirrors (and also painted the buffet that day), Robin Baron of Simplifying Fabulous had used this photo in her post about mixing mirrors and art for a gallery wall...  READ ROBINS: Translating Trends

The lamp was a (thrift) makeover too...From navy to black (including the painted vintage shade!)

This side of the room just never got any love (except maybe on the buffet) ... now it's feeling loved. The red leather pillow cover (a Pottery Barn find) relates back to the red painted buffet. To play with pattern (relating fashion & decor) I paired a B&W classic stripe pillow with a zebra fur throw (both from HomeGoods!)

One other GOLD charm in our living room is the thrifted faux bamboo coffee table I refinished back in February. You can see its transformation at:
From Thrifted To On Trend (for Spring - but GOLD is so on trend even more NOW!!)

I really enjoy experimenting and trying out some new finishes or techniques in our home. I take it as a form of training myself and hopefully too, inspire you! - Hopefully sometime before the recession (finally) ends, I can pick up few more local clients to help out around here, and apply some of these techniques & trends.

What projects have you been working on for Fall?
Closet clean ups? Gardening? Painting outside? Patio or deck fix-ups?
Send me your pics and a little write up (or link back) and if I get enough of them,
I'll post about it!

Enjoy your day & thanks for stopping by!


  1. I had to laugh when I read this post... I did the SAME thing by painting my gold to silver and now back to gold again! I can't wait to read your post about the red painted buffet, I have an end table that I want to paint red, so I'm anxiously awaiting for the paint concoction and technique you used.
    Also, that little table with the gold lamp on it in the third photo... the one that looks Moroccan, please share the source and story behind it!

  2. Love how the frames turned out. And the red buffet..sigh. Red and gold are my favorite accent colors. So glad gold is once again "in".

  3. Right??? The gold obsession kicked in last year and I painted a few tablescape pieces gold, plus the mirror. It continued to manefest earlier this year with a $15 faux bamboo thrift coffee table (was yellow - I painted gold - I should add link back in post) So now it crept on over to this side of the room. Happy to read your comments! Not everyone was getting the gold rush last year - but this year... oh yeah... =)

    Thanks for stopping by!

    xo Lynda

  4. I love the touch of gold, it is just perfect. Your wall looks amazing. Hugs, Marty

  5. I am in the midst of doing the EXACT same thing in our bedroom. Gold is IN BABY!

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