On one of the first cool mornings we experienced here in AZ, Jeff got up and started lighting candles to get warm. At first, I thought it was funny, but then I took it as the inspiration for my "faux mantel". I had seen displays of candle clusters on Pinterest, and decided that is what I would do this year: a functional display of candle clusters... so it would not only become a heat source for winter, but it's also easy to light and snuff out at night. I was originally going to do all white, but while in Savers Thrift for the Veterans day sale, I had spotted a pair of great green leg warmers AND a pair of socks. Since I had wanted to try the candle cozy Stephanie Lynn had made (about 2 yrs back called Recycled Sweater Vases) I thought these would work as an option to cutting up a sweater (especially since I don't sew). And they worked just fine to make 'greensleeves' for Christmas. Here is how I did it...

Stocked up on various white pillars at a (new to AZ) store called Garden Ridge.
The extra large pillars were THREE for 9.99 (in other stores, those would easily go for 9.99 each!) The 6in trio of pillars were 7.99 and the 3in. trio packs were 4.99

Thrifty goodness for Christmas: Mini trees w/burlap base (1.99 ea. at Goodwill), white Ikea pots (also 1.99 + 50% off at Goodwill), a bag of 12 mini wreaths (NEW! tagged 1.99 ea. but got the bag for $2!) and my green socks and leg warmers... for only .50 for BOTH (from Savers Thrift)

Just cut and slip onto glass. That's it! NO SEW.

Candle Tip: You now how annoying that "bump" in the bottom of a glass container can be? You put in a candle, and the candle tips to the side... and doesn't burn even. I started to save these tops from Bath & BodyWorks scented candles to use inside glass containers, and it helps make a level surface for the candle to sit on (plus it's recycling the tops!)

Back to the candles... as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Glass containers I already had from Michaels, Walmart and the Dollar store.
I put the candles inside of simple cylinder glass containers before nesting them inside these (to help prevent fire)



easy peasy! :)

I spoon filled in some buffalo snow (picked up last year after Christmas) and added two flocked firs I cut from a spray. Since they are in between the glass, it makes the candle display safer. 

Here are the original "Pin-Spiration" images...


And how I implemented the inspiration in my home...

Mixing in some thrifted tapers in brass added a little interest. The taller tapers are from Ikea.

Since the leg warmers were longer than the socks, I was able to make another to use on the side tables...

Great after Christmas for winter too...

They can slide down to expose more of the candle, or just fold over the top...

Simple side table...
Stacked books, fresh cut greens, and some hickory chips in a silver bowl. Jeff had gotten the hickory chips for the grill but didn't use, - they made a great filler option this year! The fresh greens are in a mercury glass piece, but another glass (with water) is inside: water started to remove the mercury :(

And the snuffer to put out the candles worked into the coffee tablescape...

Staying warm this Christmas with thrifty candle coziness...
Staying sane with a candle lighter, a snuffer, Christmas lights on remotes... and my Advil :)

(bad phone upload - sorry!)

 If you were to purchase these to make, it would come to under $25

Glass (left) Walmart $5
Tall glass (center) Michaels $10
Glass (right) Dollar Store $1
2 Smaller glass cylinders (inside left & center) Dollar Store at $1 ea.
1 candle already in Glass Dollar Store $1
Thrifty Socks & Leg warmers .50
Bag of Buffalo Snow .75
Plus 2 pillar candles (you probably already have)

These could easily also be used in you holiday tablescape for a dinner party...

Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Crazy cute!! I love it....so "Anthropologie" on a fraction of the budget

  2. Love it Lynda! I would have never, EVER thought of using leg warmers as candle hurricane cozys. That's what makes you so good! Your talented AND CLEVER! Best combination! xoxoxo, Merry Christmas!

  3. What an absolutely wonderful recycling idea. Works for me...thanks.

  4. What a fabulous end result! Amazing talent you have~

  5. Beautiful!! The candles turned out great!!



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