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Once upon a time, during the month of December, the attic steps would come down for my father to climb up, collect the traditional Christmas boxes of yearly decorations, and pass them down to my mother to get restacked in the living room. The tree was faux, and it was the first to come out: the stand, the pole, and each individual branch. While Johnny Mathis or Andy Williams sang Winter Wonderland in the background, we'd rock around the Christmas tree with the lights, ornaments (oh those red satin balls of the 70's!!), garland, and tinsel to dress the faux spruce... the  s-a-m-e  w-a-y... year after year... but no more! With sites like Pinterest and Olioboard, homeowners have become their own event planners -  from choosing a different color story or theme to reflect a different mood each year. That's not to say we run out and buy all new - Now-a-days, many people are using everyday winter items (like skates, sleds, or scarves) to tell their story. Call it the "new" tradition. Personally, I've always favored silver & bling, and in the past three years, I've also enjoyed mixing metals. But this year, I think I felt more nostalgic and natural - still mixing metals, but a little less bling...

  Inspiration for a nostalgic Christmas mood... but to work with today's classic style doesn't necessarily mean run out to the store to buy the exact items - Sometimes we just need to make do, use what you have and creatively repurpose what you've got. And sometimes it's as easy as a simple shift or shopping thrift...

(noir living roomboard) 

When restyling for a season (especially Christmas) it's good to clear the space of everyday accessories. If living with a dark pallet, lighten up by removing black accents and dark leather or wood. Switch-out those dark pieces for glass and metals to add some sparkle & shine. Use slip covers & pillow covers to quickly transform textiles. In some cases, switch chairs, lamps or their shades to change the mood of the room. 

 (seasonal restyle ready - roomboard)

Trade out everyday wall art for seasonal images like winter landscapes or frame your favorite Christmas cards. Another alternative for a holiday focal point behind a sofa can be a gallery of mirrors, or one large special mirror, dressed with a wreath or garland. Mirrors can add depth and shine to your space for the holidays, plus further display the warm glow of candlelight, or the glow from the tree.

 (noir to noel - holiday style roomboard)

Transform an everyday living space with color, and without paint ~ Edit everyday accessories, limit pattern, layer textures, plus add a glow with mixed metals, candles, and mirrors. Save money and use what you have with just some simple updates: slipcover darker fabrics with whites, switch chairs from room to room as well as lamps or their shades. Even if you can't slipcover, just drape or band winter throws & pillows in whites over darker chairs. You'll be amazed at the what this simple shift can do for the mood of a space. A peek at our home for the holidays....

Updated gallery wall created from collected mirrors...(mostly thrift)

Accents collected over time from thrift stores...

Holiday Style by day...

Lighten up dark surfaces with reflective pieces. Add texture with a simple DIY: A Candle Cozy (in green!) made from  leg warmers.

Repurpose a mirror as a tray to help create a reflective surface on dark wood. Tip: Use chair foot-pads on back corners to prevent scratches. Thrift Tip: If you're just starting to build a bar, you can save a bundle (plus find unique pieces) shopping thrift stores.

Even if you don't have a bar-cart, a buffet surface is the perfect place to create a function holiday vignette!

Holiday Style by night...
Lighten up dark book shelves with white covers, or turn books backwards for texture. Simple scrapbook press-on letters instantly tell the story of the season.

Green velvet (Ikea pillow cover) and fur... Cozy textures for holiday style!

Also holiday tips to consider:
Now is a great time to repaint & recover cushions on an old pair of chairs you have sitting in the garage for extra guest seating. Keep side tables & coffee tablescape simple. Leave space for drinks and utilize double-duty trays. Metal trays can help reflect light on dark wood surfaces, but these can easily become serving trays for a holiday get-together. Skip the skirt this year and place the tree in a large basket or swoosh an old white sheet around the base for the look of snow drifts. Defuse light at windows with sheers. Update an existing box valance with a slipcover.

 Now is also the perfect time to get a jump start on Pantone's Color of the Year 2013 with Emerald Green for the Holidays!

Along with decorating the most common place we set the tree in (the living room) other spaces in the home can get touched with the whimsy of the season, without going overboard. One place to have a little fun and tell a story is at the exterior and interior entries of the home. Inspiration I've favored over the years in developing my own style has come from my favorite Christmas stories...

(3 stylish stoops - holiday style options)
Why white? Refresh your front door with a pop of color...

These aren't three ghosts, but 3 Stoop Styles inspired by classic Christmas stories: "Kringle" - Miracle on 34th Street (note the Santa door & display form!). "Bailey" inspired by the classic B&W film, "It's A Wonderful Life" (hence JOY!) and "Scrooge" inspired by simple touches of classic tartan (and the black door infers a black top hat!) Then take that look inside...

(holiday entry - roomboard)
Before + PIN-spiration to the left - After interpretation for concept to the right.

Make An Entrance:
Even a small interior entry can "Welcome the Holidays!" with style... by implementing inspiration from a classic Christmas story: A Christmas Carol. No console table? No problem: Utilize side chairs with simple stacks of wrapped boxes as gifts. Rather than wrapping the inside door with garland, you can create vertical festive holiday statements from an existing wall sconce, or use an under the counter bracket: drape garland, plaid scarfs, decorated top hats, berries and sleigh bells, as if a horse & carriage were magically going to appear outside... (don't I wish!! that's what I was thinking when I did our entry similarly)

Mixing faux and real greens (branches and garlands) is a great way to get more bang for your buck (and drama too!) Top hats purchased during Halloween (at goodwill) can be repurposed to tell a story in an entry - From Frosty the Snowman, to Christmas Carol to a horse and carriage ride in Central Park...

If you have a dress maker form, it's a great way to help tell a holiday story in a nook or a secondary entry. If you don't have ribbon, sometimes just tying together two (plaid) napkins is all you need to dress up a top hat with Holiday Style!

Chairs can help give height to an outside entry vignette... while buffalo snow can transport even a UPS delivery-person to another place & time...

What is your holiday style?  
Do you change it from year to year, or do you stick with true traditions? Is this your time of year to get your shine on and bring out the bling? Or is your lifestyle more clean line and modern? Are you inspired by the color combos of The Grinch? Or do you prefer a collected over time mix of vintage & thrift style? Pinning is a great way to help narrow your inspiration, and target your focus with Olioboard to build your plan (or hire someone do it for you!)

No matter your holiday style, you're sure to find something to strike your fancy today for the December design bloggers collaboration with Olioboard. With creative beings such as Interior Design Tobi Fairley and HGTV designer Kimberly Ward joining the Holiday Style Top 10 talents today, it's a wonderful way to start the season and end the year with Holiday Style! 

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Happy Holidays and enJOY your Holiday Style! 
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  1. Dear Lynda ~

    I'm reading this with tears in my eyes --and not for the reason you might think. It's because it really brings up a feeling of incredible nostalgia for me mingled with joy and gratefulness for being reminded of the true spirit of the season -- giving. You have given it your all in this gorgeous post for the #OlioHop today, Lynda.

    As part of the Olioboard team, I am in awe of your talent, but as just me, Leslie, I want you to know that you have inspired me this year, personally, to look at everything in a different way when it comes to what's possible through re-purposing and using what I have in new and creative ways.

    Even though I rarely have time to comment on individual blog posts that are written, I read your blog faithfully every morning with my first cup of coffee.

    You have opened me up to a new world of what's possible and I'm sure you're doing that for your other readers as well.

    Thank you again, Lynda. I can't even imagine how much time went into creating each of these Olioboards for this glorious #HOLIDAYSTYLE #OlioHop post!

    I hope you and Jeff have a peaceful and beautiful Christmas together and may all your dreams come true in 2013. I look forward to the day when you and I meet in person.

    Many many many thanks for bringing your full talents to the table for today's monthly #OlioHop blog hop with these 9 other very talented bloggers and Olioboard community members.


    Leslie @tkpleslie

  2. Lynda -What a joy to read your blog this morning! Love your design aesthetic...saw all the top hats you pinned ad wondered what the heck you were up to! Now I know and absolutely love the top hats by the front door.

  3. All I can say is WOW!!You are awesome!!I love all your blogs!!Brilliant as always and lovely!!xo OLIOLOVE!!

  4. So great that we have both been influenced by our families and their holiday style! Great work on your Olioboards, too! You've really showcased how they can allow you to visualize a design in order to execute it most effectively! Thanks for this post.

  5. Lynda,

    You always create absolutely gorgeous Olioboards!! And you have out done yourself this time. I love how you used your own home to showcase Holiday Style....your home is beautiful!!

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful tips.

    Happy Holidays! xo


  6. I love hearing about your Christmas memories. Your boards are gorgeous!

  7. Lynda, where do I begin. With always my favorite! #soulsister Of course I absolutely love everything. I hav to say the Stylish Stoops and Holiday Entry are my faves. Then you recreated your top hat on Olioboard! You never cease to amaze. It's alwasy a pleasure joining you in the Oliohop! To a Fantastic New Year, 2013 is our year!!!

    All the best,
    Jane xo :D

  8. This is absolutely beautiful! Well crafted post with lots of thought!

  9. Lynda,

    This post is OUTSTANDING! I'm wiping the drool after seeing the Noir to Noel board!


  10. Wow! Where do I start! You have done an amazing job with this post. I feel that I should download, bind and put it in my library! So many great ideas and such attention to detail. I'm going to bookmark this site and visit often! LOVE!!!!!!

  11. Oh Lynda - this is such a remarkable post. You have a very special way of weaving, creativity, passion and tradition in all that you share with your readers be it a blog post or mood board/room setting via Olioboard. And what I find especially endearing is your willingness to share your talent and hard-earned skill set with us. With this post in particular, I feel as though I can curl up on a well appointed (and comfy) sofa, sip on a cup of garnished hot chocolate and relax while taking in all of the beautiful holiday decor. Congratulations on another spectacular moment! Andie xo

  12. Fabulous design! I can stare at it all day and get inspiration. So glad I found you! I will follow for now on. This was a gift today...thanks

  13. Absolutely gorgeous. You really know how to put a beautiful Decorating ideas and interior designs , thanks for sharing it with us



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