Holiday Wardrobe Style: Thrift & Tips

I've picked up a few new thrift finds for Christmas & the Winter season in the hottest trends of gold, sequins, lace and GREEN. These few new additions will work well with my existing wardrobe, and all without breaking the bank. I recently walked thru Macy's to see their set for Holiday (love it!) and frequently spotted tons of sequins, golds and greens; however, most every piece I picked up was $50 and UP. By already spotting these trends early in the year and on Pinterest (plus having a fondness of these timeless holiday looks & key pieces) I easily saved 100's of dollars shopping thrift. Extra savings came from shopping on special sale days like every other Saturday at Goodwill AZ has additional 50% off. Using extra coupons I've gotten thru emails or getting a $3 off coupon when making donation drops to thrift stores like Savers, created some extra savings as well.  Here's some of my latest thrift finds - for the winter holiday wardrobe in greens, golds, and sequins...

Old navy woven shirt - great pattern mix for $3 at Savers Thrift Store!

Rugby stripe maxi dress from Goodwill this past April for 50% off $9.99...
Check scarf $3...

Thrift Tip: Thrift what YOU like and over time, you'll find pieces you can re-mix to create your OWN look!

Dark green Nine West bag, reduced to just $6 yesterday at My Sister's Closet!

Thrift Tip: Re-Think new ways to use existing pieces when thrifting - for example thrifted clutches make GREAT tech accessories!

Both thrifted back in April, but perfect for the holiday season!

Gold mesh bags I thrifted this past Spring work GREAT as tech accessories: Large bag holds laptop ext cord + mouse and smaller bag hold my camera and its charger... The copper tote held these and my laptop, + BM fan deck, 3 magazines, notebook, calendar, tape-measure, pen. pencil & highlighter, yesterday when I went to the consultation...

Black satin A-Line maxi was $4.99 at Goodwill and 50% off during a super Saturday sale ($2.50)

NEW lace trim tank (great key piece for layering!) 50% off at Savers ($1.50)

Thrift Tip: When thrifting, keep like items in mind and create a pairing of your own: Sequin tank was $4 and sweater shrug with sequin trim was $3... but 50% off at Savers during Vet Sale, were $3.50 together!

INC sequin top for 50% off at Savers (during the Veterans day Sale)
so yes, it was only $2!! and I already have a black one from a few years back...

Bags thrifted throughout the year... 

The dark green patent bag I picked up yesterday, sitting on the living room sofa throw - also green and thrifted at Goodwill (Like new, cable knit for $4!)

Socks & Leg warmers in beautiful shades of green thrifted for 50% of at Savers
(but not to wear! A DIY project coming up shortly!)

This sequin sleeve jacket I actually thrifted back in Florida at Out Of The Closet Thrift about two years ago because sequins are just classic holiday! And speaking of closet... This little gem of a find is another great piece for layering in the winter * also a classic: Black velvet...

Just made even better design by Ralph Lauren and 50% off at Goodwill!

and what's Christmas without a little tartan plaid... IN VELVET!
(sneak peeks at Christmas around the house...)

or a scarf!

Details about mixing wardrobe pieces into your holiday decor also coming up shortly - stay tuned!

Happy Thrifting!
Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. So many great finds Lynda.

    Thrifting is the best "life" saver!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. Awesome mix and match -- killer deals!

  3. are so good. Happy Friday!

  4. OMG, you never cease to amaze me Lynda! These finds, and the incredible way you've put them together, are just so beautiful!!



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