Whether you apply this checklist to your Thanksgiving tablescape, or any holiday feast in the future, here are the 6 essentials you'll need for your tablesetting... From simple white dishes, layering in some texture, adding a natural element, mixing metals, a centerpiece and personalized place-settings, these tips are sure to make your guests feel special, create less stress for you, and can be applied to either a glamorous or relaxed atmosphere... Just enJOY your day!

1. White Dishes
White dishes are the perfect selection to make food look its best - which everyone wants for all their Instagram shots these days! White dishes also help to create a more relaxed casual setting - or when rimmed in silver / gold, white dishes can create the most glamorous setting. White dishes are easy to replace when chipped or breakage occurs -- Over time, build a unique collection of white on white patterns, great for seasonal changes. Collecting small saucers or decorative dessert plates can also be used for Hors d'oeuvre and a tasting party...

2. Texture 
Texture can be achieved with layered textiles, such as a natural linen place mat layered on a burlap runner or crisp white cloth. Texture can also come from the dishes in the form of embossed prints - like oak leaf dessert plates, hobnail milk glass, or even a simple embossed ribbed plate. When layering plates on your table, think of the immediate ones to use: salad or soup plus a dinner plate. Create a dessert nook or buffet displaying dessert plates stacked to ovoid over layered place-settings...

3. Natural Element
Natural elements work for almost any season - from wicker chargers for Spring and Summer settings, to birch wrapped candles in Fall or Winter. Other natural elements can include: fruit, flowers, gourds, rosemary, branches, pinecones, nuts or leaves. Leaving them in their natural state creates a relaxed setting, while painting any natural element white or dipping in gold can create a more glamorous look.

4. Mix Metals
Just as we include in our home decor now a days, mixed metals on a table setting can create either a relaxed or luxurious look. A perfect example of mixed metals for your table setting can come from the silverware. Whether you purchase a new set from West Elem or HomeGoods -- or create your own... Shop Estate Sales, flea markets, or thrift for silverware and dip handles in gold - mixed metals can help create a feel of a table that has been collected over time. The holidays are a perfect time to experiment with mixed metals on a tablesetting (think of the classic song from Rudolph "Silver and Gold")

5. Centerpiece
3 keys to a successful centerpiece: 1.Keep the centerpiece low profile, to encourage conversation for guests. If table centerpiece is tall, plan on shifting to nearby buffet to still enjoy, but allow food to be the center of attention. 3 If creating a festive trail (for example of leaves and acorns running down center of table) opt for items easy to place serveware on ( winter snowflakes, fall leaves, spring flower petals). Unsented white candles are a simple and elegant go to - either pillar or taper - set in clusters across from guests and will work for either casual or formal table settings...

6. Personalized Place Settings
Placing guest names at each place-setting will help avoid stress when you're trying to serve your meal. It can be a simple as an initial you hand write or press on with decal letters from the craft store. The name card can perform double duty as a tag on a napkin ring, or it can be the tag of a small gift. B&W Photographs are a heartfelt means of personalizing your guests place-setting.

My first Thanksgiving tablescape - November 2006 - when we had just bought our first place in October.

I hope you enjoyed the tips and they are helpful for you to enjoy your holiday season...

Thanks for stopping by...


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  2. Hello Lynda I hope your Thanksgiving was full of warm smiles and great food. I love the leaf place card photo.

    1. Thanks Monica! Missed being with family and hubs had to work -- it was unusual! Love the leaf cards too! Hope you too had a Happy Thanksgiving! Been putting up Christmas - will post shortly :)



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