It's been a while since I've participated in a challenge at Olioboard -- but, Thursday I created a few Holiday Style boards for a new sponsored challenge! Olioboard teamed up with Homes.com to create the Fabulously Festive - Virtual Room Design Contest! The rules included incorporating at least one decorative item created by the Homes.com blogger network, already pulled together in a set on Olioboard. Designing the boards for the challenge definitely helped to bring on the Christmas spirit. Since I was recently contracted to create a pin profile for a very traditional lifestyle brand Hadley Court (more about that later!) - my virtual room designs are a little more traditional in style, except one: Winter Greetings. Here are the four festive boards I created for the design contest, which you can vote on. Just click the link below the boards you'd like to vote on to visit Olioboard.com...

View and Vote for: Winter Greetings

Winter Greetings is more my personal holiday style I've created here in our Arizona home. Over the weekend, I dismantled my Fall living room and transformed it to a look very similar to this virtual room -- which is one of the great features about using Olioboard to create virtual rooms. You can see our home for the holidays at:  Holiday Home Tour

View and Vote for: Winter Gathering

Although I had created this roomboard last year (See at: Wine & Dine) it was a great starting point to decorate a virtual room for Christmas, just as a real-life home would be. I had fun mixing the buffalo check chairs and other plaid accents, like the scarves tied onto the top hat wreaths - which makes this virtual room fun & festive!

 View and Vote for: Cozy Christmas 

So true - Everything old is new again - Although this room may look like the 90's, the plaid club chairs and sofa are Ralph Lauren, the black shade lamps and gold mirror are from 1stdibs, and the deer antler chandelier is from Lamps Plus...

 View and Vote for: Festive Feast

 The plaid focal point over the fireplace was the perfect choice from the Homes.com blogger network set on Olioboard! I cropped it to be oval & framed it - Lovely virtual space to enjoy an after dinner Port! 

 Your votes count! They help place the Top 50 boards to qualify for an opportunity to win Visa Gift Cards from Homes.com. Guest Judge Courtney Whitmore from Pizzazzerie will select the The Top 3 boards as winners of the contest! Last week I learned the hubs may be getting a new store, and we'd be relocating to North Carolina by January (fingers crossed!)!! Winning a Visa Gift card could sure come in handy for a move - or even now with the holidays!

Thank you for taking the time to view my boards, check out the challenge, and vote for your faves too! You can vote once daily on your favorite room designs (over 144 entries so far!) or create a room of your own by joining Olioboard and creating a free account. The voting period for the Fabulously Festive Virtual Room Challenge is now until December 12!

Thanks for stopping by!

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