Probably because some of my background is in retail, I always enjoy touring stores for decor inspiration. One of my favorite stores to tour during the change of seasons is Pottery Barn. Their visual merchandising teams always do such an excellent job truly featuring lifestyle for the seasons. Although Spring has just sprung, Pottery Barn is already "Dreaming Of Summer", as their catalog + site + stores stories tell. Living here in the desert, I particularly enjoyed the coastal inspirations I saw when I toured the Chandler Arizona store yesterday - Although if I were still living in South Florida, those enormous banana tree palms would be real (and free!). But that is what 'inspiration' is all about - seeing something you are personally drawn to, and making a variation of it to create your own style. Not ALL good styling ideas for decorating come off of Pinterest, blogs, Facebook and Instagram - From time to time, it's really good to get offline, and get into some of your local brick and mortar stores, before they're no longer around. Here's some of what I saw for Pottery Barn's Dreaming Of Summer set....

LOVED these Indoor/Outdoor slip-covered dining chairs (also available in white)...

Great storage ideas - tucked behind the family room sofa...

Love the look - Could also possibly recreate for an outdoor setting...

Great idea! 
I think I have a round metal plant stand in the garage & a glass globe or two in the living room! Inspiration for a new look!

Love the look of the Tuscan artisan olive jars from Fall, now creating a simple Summer story...

Sun-bleach branch bundles - SO SIMPLE to recreate here in the desert!

Love the Look - Not all hurricanes hold candles. Above has the bleach branch bundle.
For sand to full cylinders & glass containers for Summer: Get a bag of play sand from Lowes - 50 lbs is only $4.67.

That's wild! It reminds me of the cat tails my mom would decorate with back in the 70s!

These are probably my favorite pottery barn baskets!

Stylish pet & floor pillows - Love the ticking stripe + denim + canvas mix!

Love all the blues & naturals...

Over the years, I've collected quite a bit of wooden beads from thrift. Love their look on this glass jug...

Adorable navy polka-dot pillow cover plus LOVE. THIS. CHAIR!
It's called the Bennet Chair.

Great little side table!

 Have you been to Pottery Barn lately?
Tons of inspiration to see!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. AWESOME!!! Everything is amazing in Pottery Barn, wish I was closed to one, lol!
    Gracias por la inspiraciĆ³n!

  2. I love going into PB you get so many ideas and it does not hurt to pick up one item or two to kick start any season.



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