The Spring weather here in AZ has been amazing lately - perfect for outdoor painting projects and thrifting. Over the weekend, I drove out of my area to  explore some thrift shops more north and I picked up an awesome lamp to makeover. Since I'm done with spring cleaning and purging, I decided to restyle the bedroom for Spring / Summer and this lamp was the perfect little update for a window vignette, on my chest drawers. The lamp had awesome scale & texture - plus it was a GREAT deal at 50% off the thrift price at Goodwill AZ during their Super Saturday Sale. When lamps easily go for $50 each and up, finding this for only $7.50 was a steal! It didn't have a shade, but I had seen one sitting on the top of one of their fixtures that would work great, also for 50% off of $3 - Shades too can easily run $20 and up, depending on their size, pattern and material.  Since I was refreshing a few accessories with blue, I only used half a can of paint plus I already had the Primer, a harp and a finial, although I'd like to find a more decorative finial to really make it special. I have been looking at the blue & white ginger jar lamps at HomeGoods, but they're out of my budget ($69 - $99 ea) and I did see a solid navy Ralph Lauren lamp at HomeGoods, but it too was $99. I didn't want to blow my entire gift-card on the one item, so I used those lamps as inspiration to create this Look For Less for my Spring / Summer Bedroom ReStyle. Blue Ralph Lauren lamps on their 'Home' site go for $600 - $1800 -- and my thrift lamp + revamp total came to only $11 total, which is why I heart thrifting: You never know what treasure you'll find, you can personalize it, and you save these items from ending up in a land-fill. Here's a thrift lattice lamp revamp...

The all-in-one Before & After + How To DIY is above (perfect for pinning!)
Below is the breakdown and vignette details... 

Color Inspiration from Ralph Lauren Lamps

The lamp had been passed over since March 6!  
Thrift Tip: Look at style + texture + scale when thrifting for home accents: Anything can be refreshed and coordinate with your decor with a fresh coat of paint!

I use foil to cover the socket and painters tape for crisp edges.

After cleaning the lamp, I gave it two coats of Primer (since the lamp was glazed ceramic). This will help the new gloss paint better adhere to the lamp.

Using gloss on this piece really helps show off its texture & details, plus the furniture in the space is flat finished. Gloss accents add interest in a space.


 Here's a peek at the other accessories I painted at the same time - all with the same serpentine line...

These terracotta urns I've had since my apartment days - LOVE their shape + weight. They originally were their natural color (terracotta) but I've painted them white, black & gold, back to white, and now the blue. I may add banding at the neck with sisal rope.

These rattan storage jars were black when I bought them (from Pier 1) back in '07, and I painted them white in 2010, which made a great base now for the navy to be a true blue.  Painting Tip: Whenever painting something woven, paint upside down FIRST to ensure an even and strong coverage.

These accessories have the serpentine line (a "serpentine line is an "S" shaped form), similar to the lamp. The lamp originally had a white base, I thought I would like to keep, so I had covered it, But when I removed the tape after painting, I didn't like it. Rather than spray the base the same as the lamp, I dry-brushed the Old Navy paint I still have from the buffet I painted last year (see Summer ReStyle) and it worked to still give a two-tone effect - which contrasts better on the silver-leaf chest of drawers...

I love the texture & scale of the shade, but since it's so old, how would I clean it before adding it to the bedroom? A light brushing took away some of the dust from the textured crevices and I sealed it with two coats of clear matte sealer. It brought back its life and made the shade look like new. It's texture & tone pairs great with the sifting baskets I've collected here in AZ, and I use as wall decor...

Since we're renting, I'm not spending money on making custom draperies. A great alternative for panels to frame a window is to use drop cloths (you can paint your own design or leave natural) or buy patterned tablecloths. For us: this window faces north, so it doesn't get direct sun and doesn't need heavy black panels. These linen blend cloths with a blue ticking stripe helped to soften the window lines and frame the bedroom vignette. I picked up the pair at HomeGoods for under $35, which is a great deal on panels, especially since these are both 108".

Layers of light are essential to a Bedroom ReStyle: Here I included natural, ambient and a scented candle, from HomeGoods.

Details for the vignette:
Lattice Lamp + Burlap Shade - Thrift ($9 + $2 for half can of paint)
Sifting basket as a tray - Thrift ($1)
Small glass dish with shell - Thrift ($2)
Blue Book - Thrift ($.50)
Keepsake shell - our anniversary trip to San Diego 2012
Blue & White covered jar & vase - Ross (both under $20)
White pedestal bowl - TurnStyle Consignment $2
White linen sheer from West Elm - Thrift ($4)
Scented candle + 2 cloths as panels - HomeGoods (gift-card)
Branches (Free)
Blossoms - Micheal's ('05)
Silver-leaf chest of drawers - Florida Furniture Clearance Center ('05) $200
Merging old and new + new to you = Personalizing Your Style!

Do you shop thrift?
What was your latest find? 

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 Note: This post is sponsored by HomeGoods and the Happy By Design project. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.


  1. Bravo!! Lynda once again you bring so much inspiration. The other day I was at GW and saw a lamp and thought of your past redo's and I still passed on it....well i need to go back and try this. I also need to check my attic to recycle some items. I will be pinning this post for sure.

  2. So creative and beautifully done (as usual)! Would love to go shopping with you :)

  3. Love everything you do great ideas.

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