Summer Thrift Tips - Traveling With the Look For Less

Last week, the hubs and I took our annual beach trip for our anniversary - this time to the west coast of Carlsbad to Newport Beach California. Before packing for our trip, I did what most of us girls do - Shop for something new because with a closet full of clothes, we still have nothing to wear! One of this Spring & Summer's hottest trends for wardrobing is a return of classic nautical style - especially boat-neck tops and stripes - along with staple denim classics, cotton strapless sundresses & cardis plus maxis, wedges, and straw bags. Being the thrifty person I am, but still loving the looks featured in my favorite specialty stores (Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and The Limited) I headed to my favorite consignment and thrift stores to get more bang for my buck. Having done a huge closet purge during Spring cleaning, with most pieces being able to be consigned (at both TurnStyle & My Sister's Closet), it was time collect. I put some of my consignment earnings towards a few new (to me) spring / summer wardrobe finds, from dresses, to purses, to shoes. What I wasn't able to consign, I donated to Savers thrift - which in return I got a few $3 off coupons... and when shopping shopping at Goodwill, I got extra savings on special color tags + sale days. Here's some of my finds plus how they looked pulled together on my trip...

LOVE navy nautical stripes in the summer, especially when only $4 at Goodwill.  Also picked up dark denim cuffed shorts (blogger butt didn't fit into last years denim shorts! lol) and the denim capris had a great cuff on them too - perfect for running down to shoreline!

All thrift - except the hat. I always try on outfits before I travel, but I read a good packing tip online I kept in mind:  
Layout out clothes and money to pack - Take half the clothes and double the money :)

 Cardi + Top + Capris - Thrift. The acrylic & gold bracelet + ring were from Dillards, after holiday clearance sale back in January - 50% off PLUS additional 50% off (you can get the best deals on fashion jewelry at Dillards!) the plaid bag behind me was a gift from Florida friend Shelby and Jeff & I use it frequently for picnics. Insulated inside, it holds one bottle of wine + 2 glasses + 2 plaid napkins + a corkscrew... Love it!!

Cheers! Sunset on the beach at Carlsbad....

Confession: Scarf not a thrift find - BUT: It was on clearance at Old Navy for only $8!! LOVE it! 

Sandals & flip flops are a beach must! Although I got these at Old Navy last summer (clearance $4), I cleaned them up to be as good as new for this summer.  To clean the top stitch, I used bleach on a toothbrush - Good as new! (And thrilled this worked because sandals can get pretty nasty living in a dry & dusty climate like the AZ desert).

Navy strapless maxi - $8 at My Sisters Closet - and $0 out of pocket because of consignment credit.  the denim jacket I had - thrifted from back in Miami (I think Salvation Army in Pembroke Pines during a Wacky Wednesday Sale)

After driving for 6 hours from Phoenix to Newport - I was in a ZEN place, on the rocks, along the shore, basking in the sun with a crisp sea breeze blowing...

Quick story: We got SUPER lucky...
A couple jogging on the beach saw us (with camera, not phone) taking pictures, and the guy stopped and asked, "I'm a photographer. Would you like me to take your picture?" uh - hello!!! YES!!!! He gave us some guidance to capture us with minimum shadow, and took 3 or 4 shots of us - SO GRATEFUL!

Ok - Back to thrift!

 Although I didn't take this tote with me during this trip, had to share: Liz Claiborne Navy & Khaki stripe and LOVE the braided handle and brass detail! Can you get anymore nautical with adding an anchor??? LOVE it! And yup - Love it even more at $5 at Savers thrift.

Dana Buckman Wedges from TurnStyle - $14 but $0 out of pocket with consignment credit. They 'may' have been worn once! Super comfortable and totally on trend for Summer! The straw bag I actually picked up last November at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift in Northern Phoenix...

PERFECT short summer dress! Cotton and strapless!! And only $5 after my donation coupon applied at Savers thrift...

Coastal chic - from THRIFT!

Paired great with my wedges, and brought out a Florida trip keepsake: a shell necklace I had picked up on a trip to Key Largo...

When the temps started to drop, just layered on a simple white cardi, also from Savers thrift... and my Fedora - NOT from thrift, but Marshalls last year...

When I travel, and I'm planning outfits + packing, I love using Ziploc bags - They help keep jewelry from getting tangled + it's easy to find. I love collecting wood bead necklaces from thrift - this one is probably my favorite (because it's simple). The chunky wood & brass bangle was $3 at Savers. the cream & Black (necklace + bracelet in Ziploc) were from TurnStyle - again, $0 out of pocket because of my consignment credit.

I LOVE straw bags - all of these were thrifted at Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul.

Driving back from SoCal - stylish and comfortable!

 Woven stripe tops - Ralph Lauren (Black stripe) and H&M (Blue seersucker) both from Goodwill on a 50% off Saturday -- Denim shorts and crops too. I must confess though of one splurge: The Polka-Dot Maxi is from Macy's... as well as the new bathing suit I picked up at TJMaxx (Sorry - DO NOT buy swimwear secondhand!)

Crushed Silk Ann Taylor Maxi - Bright White - $25, but with my consignment credit, $0 out of pocket. White tunic tube top: Goodwill $3 (LOVE getting my tunic tubes from thrift! Perfect summer top!) The money I earned from consigning my Spring Cleaning closet purge not only went toward some updated pieces for my summer wardrobe, but it also gave me some fun money to take along on our California trip...

 On our anniversary day, we relaxed by the pool at the hotel... and later on went to a surfers cove beach in Carlsbad to take photos before heading out to dinner up the coast... This is just a peek. I'll be sharing more of our California Coastal Trip pics next week - including also a tour of Barclay Butera's newly renovated Newport Showroom (GORGEOUS!!!)

I hope you're inspired to get out there and SHOP THRIFT - or even consignment. You can truly save a bundle on good quality clothing to refresh your wardrobe with. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:


1. Know before you go: have an idea of what trends or styles you like to narrow down what you're looking for - from dresses, shirts, bags and shoes.

2. Try on everything at the store - don't guess. And also do a good inspection for stains, or a tear in a seam. Returns for thrift and consignment aren't the same as retailers - usually it's only for an exchange or store credit, which you only get with tags still on + receipt and within a shorter window (usually 7 to 10 days vs a retailers 30 days)

3. Before heading out to thrift (or do any wardrobe shopping, especially for travel) go through your own closet first. Try on what you already have, from tops to dresses and especially jeans. If it doesn't fit - get rid of it or you'll end up with a cluttered and chaotic closet.

4. Give yourself a budget - and think how often will you wear your purchase? What else do you already have that you can you pair it with? And also - go for your lifestyle and stay age appropriate.

5. Most clothing is cleaned before it's donated / consigned, but still wash new items before adding into your wardrobe, that way they're ready when you are!

Happy Thrifting!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What an outstanding post, Lynda, all of your finds are so on trend and they all look spectacular on you!! Having the beach as your backdrop is perfection!!!

    1. Thanks Janelle! You know me and my love of the beach!! xo

  2. Love your thrift finds. Great job, Lynda!

  3. I love your posts! You are an incredible shopper! Everything you wear is so beautiful!

  4. Agreed -- outstanding piece! I don't normally open or read posts about clothes, but this was exceptionally helpful. Great photos, and I love your fresh, classic wardrobe – it's pretty inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Change of Art! Thrifting can be challenging and fun! Glad you enjoyed the post and stopped to comment! xo

  5. great finds! i try on my clothes and lay them all out before a trip. and i know they say take half out...i just can't!!

    1. Thanks Cape! I agree - hard to do, especially if is climate different + how do we know what our mood is going to 'feel' like days in advance!! lol :)

  6. Nice attitude,Linda!Your photo on the deck emphasizes so much the grandeur of the American flag.



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