Coming Up: Design Bloggers Conference - Atlanta 2015

It's finally here! A moment many people in the interior design and design blogging industry have been looking forward to: Design Bloggers Conference! I had attended my first DBC back in 2013, the last year it was held in LA. Last year, the DBC relocated their venue back east to Atlanta, which will be this year host city as well!  Once again, the DBC continues to dazzle its audience with wonderful keynote speakers - this year including Nate Berkus, Alex Hampton, Brian Patrick Flynn, Marcus Sheridan and --- Interior Design Icon Bunny Williams!

Some of the presentations I'm looking forward to are:

 Digital Day at ADAC
(including a presentation from High Point to the World - Madcap Cottage Gents - John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon!)

The Ultimate Blog Platform

YouTube Marketing: Build Your Brand and Grow Your Blog with Creative Video

Social Media - Design Roots For Collaboration
presentation with Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis of Design Camp PLUS local North Carolina Designers - Lisa Mende and Tracy Zeller! (BTW: Upcoming Design Camp Events will be at the AD HOME SHOW NY | March 18 - 19, and during HIGH POINT MARKET | April 20 & 22 !)
What You Should Know About Search and Analytics

What You Need to Know about Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter

And a 'special invitation' from Dwell With Dignity Founders
Lisa Robison and Kim turner -- who both presented last year in Atlanta for DBC 2014 and launched the first satellite project (outside of Dallas) for Dwell With Dignity! (You can read more about it from a previous post here).

 List of DBC - Design Blog Category finalists for 2015!
Congrats to all!

Along with these presentations, held over the course of three days, from February 25 thru 27, 2015 at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead in Atlanta, I'll also be getting to see online friends + connections, and learn new social media marketing strategies + new approaches to blogging. The reward after the day of presentations will be attending cocktail gatherings, making new connections, meeting DBC sponsors, and I'll even attend a dinner I was invited to, sponsored by Traditional Home Magazine + Ethan Allen Home Furnishings. I'm honored and still can't believe that my blog's nomination has lead to me becoming a Finalist this year for the Design Blog Hall of Fame - one of 4 in my category for Best Design Blog Graphics, Photography, & Presentation. Even if I don't win, I'm grateful to have been nominated and become a finalist for 2015!

Last time I saw Leslie was during LVMKT - Winter 2014!
(Click to view: my LVMKT Winter Market video)

One of my dear and special online friends I'll be able to see again will be Leslie Carothers, along with two of her clients - Designer Mitzi Beach (who well also be giving a DBC presentation!) and Founding Editor of Hadley Court,  Leslie Hendrix Wood  - whose blog, Hadley Court, did win the honor of Design Blog Hall of Fame - in the category Best New Design Blog - in 2013!

See the full list of all attendees here!

The tough part now is editing the necessities to take and to pack. Thankfully, Leslie C. pulled together this thoughtful checklist to help:

1. Foldable umbrella that color coordinates with clothes

2. Warm slippers + nice PJ's or robe for cold, early morning hotel rooms and answering the door for room service.

3. Casual attire [but presentable] for early morning runs down to the breakfast room or meeting room to grab a quick something to eat/ or to set up - if you don't want room service.

4. There's no time to change between afternoon sessions + evening time...unless you make the time.

Suggestion: take a wrap/scarf, a change of jewelry + shoes/purse in my orange roller bag vs. having to go back to my room - that way, it leaves more time for talking with friends, meeting new people, and more time to see sponsors' tables.

5. Take an EXTRA LONG extension cord with multiple plug ins. Pack as many kinds of extra batteries for all your devices as you can.

6. Some people do 2 business cards: One for their regular biz, one for their biz as a blogger. It's not too late to order overnight now from MOO. 

I also added lip gloss or Chapstick - the cold air can chap your lips - Advil to prevent distracting aches - plus clear nail polish, not only for nails, but as a quick fix for hosiery snags.

To help with the packing, I picked up a small garment rack from HomeGoods to hang my items onto take - until they are ready to be folded and packed into the luggage. Afterwards, the rack will make its way into the garage, to reuse for future travel and to create a space to hang garments to consign.

I'm just hoping the weather cooperates with everyones travel plans - whether flying or driving - to Atlanta for this year's Design Bloggers Conference!

Looking forward to sharing my experience when I get back!
You can read my first experience attending The Design Bloggers Conference - here.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Great Post Lynda! - This is such a great event and I can't wait to re-connect with everyone!!

    1. Thanks Joann!! And it was wonderful meeting you - especially for your special birthday!
      xo Lynda

  2. It is a fabulous line up. Great packing reminders - I'm off to add an umbrella to my bag.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone at #DBCatl
    Safe travels all!

    1. It really was a fantastic line-up! So nice meeting you too Marie!
      xo Lynda

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