10 Things To Do In September

 Before the month is over, and you end up at the end of it saying, "Now why didn't we do that?" or "I wish we would have..." here is a list of ten thought starters to kick off September and the fall season with...

Get your closet ready for that first crisp fall day - Use a simple garment rack (easy to find at HomeGoods!) to fluff and air out furs & coats.

Check boots for needed repairs - Update your wardrobe with a new bag for Fall.

1. Wardrobe Refresh - Layer the latest trends into your key essentials with a few consignment updates or thrift finds. Try a new nail color, lip color - or if you're really brave: try a new hair cut & color. Check boots and bags for needed repairs - or donate altogether. Try on jeans, sweaters and coats - replace as needed. Wash all fall scarves - but send wool ones, along with winter coats, to the dry cleaner to refresh.

Just moved? Clear garage clutter - purge, donate, and use totes for storage. If you have time & funds available - paint the garage & seal the floor.

2. Control clutter - Rather than try to find storage space for everything you own, rethink: if you didn't wear it or use it this season, seriously consider donating clothing or decor items to a church thrift store or a homeless shelter. Extra towels, sheets or blankets can be taken to an animal shelter. Include clearing out the garage, to make a warmer space for your vehicle this winter vs. digging out of the snow. After clearing clutter, consider taking some like new items to a consignment shop to sell - or have a fall garage sale.  

Soak & clean brushes to remove summer bronzers.

3. Check expiration dates - from the fridge, to the spice cabinet, to the pantry, to the medicine cabinet - and even cosmetics. Purge those summer pickles, last year flour to cold medicine, and stock up on cinnamon, nutmeg, flour, soup, tea and NyQuil. And while you're at it: clean hair & makeup brushes - good to soak in warm water & baking soda + air dry. 

A simple shift to shopping thrift can create a space that's light and bright transform to
dark and moody.

 4. Seasonal Decor - stash the fresh greens for harvest gold, shift from lighter weight cotton & linen to heavier weight velvets & knits and layer layer layer -- from throws to lighting. Replace summer baskets of shells for bushels of corks or pinecones, bowls of yellow lemons for red apples, and bunches of hydrangeas for branches.

Update builder basic white doors, or renew faded front doors - view more on my previous post at: Painting Interior Doors Black

5. Plan Paint Projects - Painting season is here: temps are ideal for outdoor painting (furniture renewal) as well as interior paint projects too. Want to dive into furniture renewal? Hunting can be just as fun: shop local and salvage discarded furniture finds at thrift and consignment shops. Now is also a good time to paint your doors & trim -- or turn that storage room into a guest room!

View 10 Striking Fall Colorful Plants to Grow In Your Landscape featured at homegardengreen.com.

6. Renew Gardens for Fall - It's time to pull dried foliage, spent flowers and trim trees. Start to downsize plant containers to store for winter. Refresh your curb appeal by giving the front door & trim a fresh coat of paint and flank the entry with a pair of mum filled urns or containers. Remove those cucumber vines, peppers and summer herbs plus cut back tomato plants to make space for hardy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and lettuce. You can even plant bulbs now, such as iris, for next Spring, Aerate your lawn and seed now - watering once a day, 30-60 mins. for 2-3 weeks for a lush green lawn next Spring.

Bake an American Classic: Apple Pie, featured at SheKnows.

7. Get set to bake - You know all those recipes you pinned last Fall and Christmas season? Gather them up, print out 5 to try, check for ingredients, and plan time this upcoming season to bake them - Send breads as gifts, make pies for desserts, and bake cookies to give to neighbors. 

Have your HVAC system checked - you never know what hazards my be hidden.

8. Seasonal Home improvements - Plan ahead now before the drafts kick in: replace weather stripping at doors, replace damaged screens (before opening those windows for the brisk breeze!), change air filters, add insulation padding behind electrical switches, and speaking of insulation: if you have a room on your house that gets too hot or too cold, it's possible you may be in need of extra insulation in your attic. September is also a good time to plan getting carpets cleaned, before holiday guests arrive later.

View my 10 Fall Tailgating Ideas post at Hadley Court design blog.
(Go Gators!)

9. Plan outdoor entertainment time - From attending tailgate parties & picnics to your kids soccer game to flea markets, carnivals, and jazz festivals -- Disconnect: get off line - get outdoors and live... because if we have another winter this year as we did last year, you'll regret not taking this opportunity to get out in the fall - before you hunker down for winter.

 If you're in the desert, head up to the Red Rocks of Sedona - If you're on the east coast, plan a road-trip up the Hudson Valley.

 10. Travel - Plan to take a road trip - Explore your own state, take in the fall foliage splendor up the coast, go wine tasting in the country, -- and if you live in the country: take a trip to the City -- New York City! Besides the many photos you'll take, pop by a bookstore to buy a book (about your destination) as a keepsake, and pick up a fall leaf to press in it - for a personalized souvenir of your trip.

I'm so excited for Fall! How about you?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. My garage needs some serious organization. I have the bins but they are just tossed here and there...I told myself 2015 is the year to clean it up. Great ideas thanks for the all the tips...enjoy the great win the Gators had.

  2. Your closet looks like one of those swanky NY boutiques -- I am quite jealous of the space. Ours is so cramped!



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