Welcome Fall With These 14 Fall Inspirations

Summer officially ends today, and we're well on our way to shifting into the next season - probably the best of all seasons: Fall!! And this year, Fall will most definitely be extra special around here. Last year, Fall was a rush of flying out to North Carolina to find a new place to live, and head back to AZ to pack, then fly back to our new home - unpack and start getting settled in - the week of Thanksgiving, Fall flew by so quickly, we barely had time to enjoy it, but we are grateful for the move back east. Living here in North Carolina, we will really be able to take in natures beauty, with leaves changing color, the crisp fresh air and even family coming to visit in November (can't wait!!)  and I'm sure you too can't wait for all the goodness Fall has to bring. In case you need a little nudge to get you in a "Fall state of mind," here are 14 inspirations to get you started...

1. Bring the outside in with fresh cut Fall leaves - source 

2. Get your soup on! It's soup season! - source

3. Yay! Boots & Sweater weather!! - source

4. Go on a Fall bike ride - source

5. Must try: caramel apples from Donna Hays - source

6. Slow sip some apple cider, called a Jack Cider Cocktail - source

7. Have a Fall picnic in the park - source

8.Take long Fall walks - source 

9. Time to fire-up the fireplace! - source

10. Gather pumpkins!!! - source

11. Convert your summer she-shed into a pumpkin shed - source

 12. Welcome Fall at your entry - source

13. Slow down for a Fall drive - source

14. And have long talks out by a lake - source

 This weekend past, the hubs and I ventured off to a nearby park for a nature walk, and I can just sense it is going to be as picturesque as a Pinterest picture when the leaves start to turn...

Salem Lake Park in September - photo by (hubs) Jeff Davids

Thanks for stopping by and bring on the reds!!

Welcome Fall!!

1 comment:

  1. Too funny!
    Went by a fabulous new fall display at tar jay ,
    Reminded me of you exactly!
    Black and white check! And more!
    Some of the tar jays have a complete new look for their home department.
    Very fun



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