Back in Phoenix, I enjoyed visiting the gang at Sweet Salvage, a chippy-chic, rustic fun antiques & vintage collectibles monthly pop-up shop, and occasionally, I would also attend the Junk In the Trunk Show - a bi-annual Vintage Market in Scottsdale. But here in North Carolina, when it comes to a vintage market event, I head to the Liberty Antiques Festival - which happens rain or shine! Unfortunately, it's rained rather than shined both times I've gone (back in April for Spring and this weekend for Fall) - but the die-hard antique collectors and pickers still attend... with galoshes, raincoats, canes and a buggy - (a few key Carolina wardrobe items I may needs to invest in!)

 The Liberty Antiques Festival is held just twice a year, with 400 dealers from more than 25 states, that pack a 100-acre farm near downtown Liberty, North Carolina. It's an adventure to dig through the past to find today's treasures from early American primitive decorative arts consisting of: 18th to 20th century furniture, paintings, pottery, glass, clocks, toys, military items, advertising memorabilia, decoys, jewelry, quilts, folk art - truckloads of antiques and collectibles, most all "in the rough." Here's a peek at some of what I was able to go through yesterday, along with my trooper of a husband Jeff...
As in Arizona, touring these charming rustic events can be a wonderful source of inspiration. The pic on the left was one of my fave vignette moments...

And although some vendors may be a bit 'grumpy' (as was this vendor above) most of the people are happy to share their back stories to many of the items they've collected to sell...

You can also be inspired by some of the vintage palettes like this lovely shade of green shown above...

This medium Greek Key concrete planter (on the right) I actually scored back in the Spring - and now I shifted it from the back deck to the front stoop for fall (pics to come!!) -- but they still had some others at the festival this Fall...

Not kidding when I said rain or shine!!

Below is a "birds'eye view" (click here for video) from the Liberty Antiques Festival, just this past Spring 2015 (but on Friday, which was also the last day of HPMKT)


 The north-east may have Brimfield, but the Liberty Antiques Festival here in North Carolina has been voted the Best Antiques Show in the Mid-Atlantic Region and it has drawn even famous Hollywood celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Bruce Willis! (read more about Liberty, NC here)

 And it's not that far of a drive from the Triad, Raleigh, or Charlotte...

 Liberty Antiques Festival info:
September 25 & 26 2015 
& Upcoming Spring Festival Dates: April 29 & 30, 2016
Location: Pike Family Farm - 2855 Pikes Farm Rd, Staley, NC
Event Hours: 8 am to 5 pm, Friday & Saturday
Admission: $7, Adults; children under 12 free
Parking: Free
Food & Beverages are also available - great for lunch!
Thanks for stopping by --
and if you're in town, today or next Spring, give this antiques festival a try!


  1. I can't believe that I've lived in Greensboro most of my life and have never been to the Liberty festival. I was planning to go this fall, but didn't want to brave the rain. Now I wish that I had gone anyway. I definitely put it on my calendar for next spring! Hope you found some great treasures.

    1. Might be nice to get a group of locals together next Spring. I'm definitely investing in a collapsible buggy for the next one - and hopefully the sun will be out too :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Have you ever been to Hillsdale, Va Labor Day weekend? After seeing this post, this North Carolinian may just head towards Liberty.

    1. I have not been to Hillside, VA (only been in NC a year, coming up this November) - but I will have to look it up and consider it next year! -- Thanks edie3!!

  3. Such a cute idea to put witch hats on black and white photos...i also love the concrete planters. I can only imagine all the silver too.

    1. I was hoping someone too would pick up on that clever witch hat idea! Good eye Monica! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I have wanted to make a trip up to Charlotte/Raleigh and this gives me even more incentive.



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