One of the best ways to tastefully & economically create wall art is with  photography. Whether it's of your travels to personalize the space you LIVE in, or if you are staging your home to SELL, simple architectural photos of local buildings or details give great impact. Add value to the sale of your your space by telling a story to buyers of the spectacular LOCATION they are investing in. After you sell your home and move, these photo displays can help tell the story of you. Grouped together as a gallery collection, the photos can not only create a FOCAL POINT, but act as the color inspiration for your space. Here are shots I took while DRIVING around Miami...

All photos by Lynda Quintero-Davids

"IF" you have historic buildings in your area,
you could maintain photo image to its true colorization,
edit to amp up the color punch,
or tint in a monochromatic colortone
to maintain a consistency of a B&W collection...

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