Found Around Town: A Great Little Antique Shop

Have you ever driven by someplace and say, "I need to stop in there sometime", but then just don't get to it? Being new in town, I made it a point to make sure I did do it. Last weekend, while Jeff & I were driving around town learning our way around, we drove through an old & historic part of Gilbert, Arizona. Although it was a Sunday and some places were closed, one place that was open was a charming little antique shop set up in an old adobe bungalow house called CJ's Antiques & Garden...

 CJ's Antiques & Garden
40 North Gilbert Rd. 
Gilbert, AZ 85234 

It's located on Gilbert Road, and is owned by a sister duo (Claire & Joanne) from New Jersey. Besides the finds at the shop, all reasonably priced, their mom was also able to tell the stories behind the pieces - whether it was of the antiques history or how they came across it - which made for a fantastic store visit experience! Since it was just after Christmas, most of the shops merchandise was set with statements and vignettes of antique Christmas items. I asked if they would be resetting the store for the new year. Mom said yes - they carefully pack up the Christmas antiques to put into storage, and set the store for Spring, Valentines, and even St. Patty's day!

Pretty antique pieces for your porch!

Antique Washboards - Great for your Laundry Room decor - Priced at only $20 each, with an additional discount if you buy both. They are different: I was shown and learned about the two different types of glass used - a fine ridge line glass was used to wash dedicates, while wider ridges were used for everyday garments. I recently saw in the latest PB Catalog one of these antique washboards was selling for $99.

Antique photos and vintage signs to add to your decor...

Vintage tea sets to add to your collections...

I asked if they needed any help transitioning the store, but as it turns out, one of the owners worked in visual merchandising in Bloomingdale's back on the east coast! (Can you say SMALL world??) While there, I also learned many of their trips to hunt & gather antique finds for the shop are actually done on the east coast as well. (Mostly treasures found in New Jersey! LOVE it!) I left my card, and said I would definitely be back! I'd like to pop back in today and see some of the refreshed antique vignettes for the new year. 

Great add to your on trend - rustic decor: Copper.

It's not to early to think of Summer - 
These lanterns are from The Jersey Shore! 
40 North Gilbert Rd. 
Gilbert, AZ 85234 

What are you up to this weekend? Any new shops to hit or projects you're working on? If you're in the Gilbert area - be sure to stop my CJ's Antiques & Garden.
We're going to tackel the garage this weekend. After holiday take down and the move... it needs a little TLC...  No matter what you do this coming first weekend of the new year - enJOY it! See you back on the blog on Monday!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love this shop, and it's just around the corner!



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