Inspiration found at the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction & Show

There is something about history that is a great source of inspiration for me. So when a friend of mine in Texas (Bonnie) let me know about the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction that would be happening here in Arizona - I looked into it. I told Jeff about it, thinking it's cars so he would love it, but he was actually not interested in going - mostly because he misinterpreted how the show would be. But this wasn't just any show. It was a live streaming, social media engaged auto-auto-memorabilia-collectibles toy store plus restored pickers paradise. Not knowing exactly what to expect, our enthusiasm quickly turned around, especially after experiencing the show...

Tents and rows filled with speed, style and history surrounded us at the Barrett-Jackson Auto Show and Auction. Some historical pieces were the restored gas pumps & vintage signage, the white Hearst that carried JFK from the hospital after he was shot and killed, the actual Shelby and the Porsche from the Nicholas Cage movie - Gone In 60 Seconds (LOVE that movie!) and even an iconic TV show car: the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard (actually one of Jeff's fave cars). There was something there for both of us to enjoy: Muscle cars for Jeff , the classics like convertible roadsters for me, and the restored collectibles you'd see them picking on American Picker's we both enjoyed seeing.

Some of the sponsors, for example Ford, showcased their new prototypes at the Barrett-Jackson Auto Show, and most all of the other vehicles - even a 9/11 tribute  motorcycle and a tractor donated by Jay Leno, were auctioned for charity in the big tent. The auction itself was a whole other experience. Of course we weren't there to buy anything, just as several others were there as spectators as well. The show was also featured on the SPEED network, as well as tweeted at #BJA2012 for spectators to get engaged in the event. An iphone app was also available along with a LIVE stream from the event - where people could also bid for select "Fantasy Bids" online. Hubs did quite a few for fun. Jeff did place a few "fantasy" bids for cars online. 

LOVED that this car had my dad's initials: RQ

Loved this grill with "IF"...
For all the "IF's" in LIFE...

A day after we went to the Barret-Jackson Auto Show, Jeff watched the live stream on TV, while I visited their site and pinned a few a my fave cars over at Pinterest you too can check out the board called LET'S ROLL. The Barrett-Jackson Auto Show is a must to experience at least once in your life and a great way to spend some time with your man. You can read more about he show's legacy (which actually began here in Scottsdale Arizona back in the 1960's). The Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction is scheduled to visit Las Vegas and even West Palm Beach Florida.

Tomorrow I'll share with you just how all this testosterone inspired this girl to create a mantuary or man-cave you can create for your guy. If you're local, contact me at and we can come up with something together. For inspiration, join me and my boards at Pinterest.

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