DIY: How to give an old nickel bowl a new look with gold

When I packed us to move, I wasn't suppose to pack up any liquids - including paint. Although I left behind most of my paints, I did manage to pack up nine quarts - Sorry, but I just bought that gold quart in August and that puppy was comin' with me!! And I'm glad I did - Monday afternoon, while putting up more picture & mirrors around here, I was able to grab the can from the garage to freshen up a few frames - plus try something: a gold painted finish on an old nickel bowl...

Love using cheap chip brushes...
And just pulled from the recycling bin: a granola box & newspaper
to paint the bowl in place on the coffee table. I almost did the bowl with stripes, and that could have looked cool, but I went solid...

LOVE the finish and it dried quick too!

I only painted the top - the sides and bottom are still silver, which
works well with my metal mix!

The paint was from Rust-oleum - I had used it back in August when  I painted some mirror frames gold to refresh my (then) existing gallery wall...

I use to have three pieces of coral in the bowl, which I'd like to still add, but I just wanted to be sure the gold dried well. I'll probably dig out some shells & coral today from the garage - not all of them, just a few mementos to have around as reminders & stories of where we've been...

Also on the coffee table are these two crosses I picked up here thrifting here in Arizona - one nickel and one brass only $1 each. The patterned plate I picked up last year on clearance for $4 at West Elm Downtown Miami. The feather we found while walking on Hallendale Beach last Spring...

Last year my coffee table was gold. Now the few touches of gold on our old coffee table  relate to the new gallery I made behind the sofa... I'll post & share but - here's a sneak peek until then :)

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  1. I love how you have no fear in painting anything! I am always so afraid! I need to get over it and just go for it. Look at all the beautiful things you create because you go for it! I think we should all be a little more like that!
    Thanks for always inspiring!

  2. The gold paint looks great on that tray. I love being able to update old pieces.

  3. I'm doing this tomorrow. I have a similar silver dish that looks awful in it's current state. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. The gold is so pretty!!! I like the herringbone throw too...sophisticated.

  5. Perfect way to change your decor out! Magical gold it is beautiful!!


    Art by Karena



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