If you’re a blogger, a DIYer, or even a decorator, you’ve seen a trend come to life during the past year: THRIFTING. Decorating on a dime has become more than just a TV show on HGTV. It’s now become the home décor norm. EVERYONE is doing it - hunting for that unique find at a Goodwill or Salvation Army, to refinish and claim as your own. Thrifting has become the cost-effective way to improve the life of our homes look, style, and even function from a tablescape to even our wardrobes. And going forward, we’ll probably continue to buy and restore those secondhand furniture finds we score while thrifting or yard sale-ing. 

Tons of tables!

Repurposing pieces in new ways:
Artist easels can become stylish flat panel stands...

One of a kind finds...

Learning the tricks of the trade - what to look for from furniture makers...

to how a piece is made... 
Like this chest of drawers with dove-tail construction and runners...

Thrifting for tablescapes...
Thrifting for Summer accessories ...

Thrifting for Winter necessities...

Most of us this past year have truly embraced a more thrifty lifestyle. From furniture finds to furs, we’ve discovered the benefits of buying that older furniture piece and we’ve even come up with clever & crafty ways to further distress or refinish these finds ourselves. The pieces we’ve purchased through thrift are no doubt a far better quality than the put-it-together-yourself pieces sold at Kmart or Ikea, but even mixing in some of those pieces can help breathe new life into a space or give us that much needed extra storage. And it’s not only the casegoods we’ve redesigned for our own. We’ve also played with paint on upholstered chairs, recovered sofas all together or just created a slip cloth from nothing more than a drop cloth. 

Unique mirrors...

Great shape lamps to be transformed with paint...

And several trips down memory lane...

We’ve also all opened our eyes to see old things in new ways – like repurposing flat sheets or tablecloths as window panels. And In doing so, we’ve all discovered the charm & warmth these personalized finds can add to make a house a home. The major benefactor in all of this is: we’ve all become a little more green minded in doing so – by salvaging the discarded décor into style solutions we adore, we prevented landfills from becoming saturated and overloaded, and we’ve also helped give job opportunities to our communities with all of our donations. However, those jobs do need to be paid, and it does take money to run popular facilities such as a Goodwill or Salvation Army. The end result in the thrift trend: higher prices because of the higher demand. This could deter some owners, but fear not - A simple shopping trip off the beaten path can still fulfill your thrift find fix.

Salvation Army Thrift - Ft. Lauderdale raised prices for sure...

Deal or no deal?
The importance to know before you go.

And then there is always the one that got away...

I wish I woulda bought it - when I saw it - but too pricey for me at $69

Bamboo + Brass + Glass

Don't settle - Keep hunting
Bamboo + Glass coffee table find: $15
A quick wave of spray in gold paint and wah-lah!
See more in above tab: Junking Journal

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Keep it up people!  I think everyone thrifting is doing a fabulous job with those finds and terrific transformations with thrift! But I wonder what’s next in the upcoming year?  Maybe going forward, we can have more get-togethers to swap our tired accessories and fashion flops, so all those thrifty finds don’t start to clutter our own space? It would be a shame to  make our own home look like a thrift store themselves. For me, since I'm in a new location, and the thrift assortment here is different than Miami, I'd like to try a little something different. Before I would regularly post frequent finds on my Thrifty Thursdays post. Now I'd like to shift to Third Thursday Thrift (say that five times real fast!) - so welcome! (Not that I won't be mentioning projects created from thrift time to time - but more so of thrift finds, spottings, tips and store trips).

What do you think about thrift?
What have you thrifted lately?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love this trend of going vintage, hunting for cheap finds at the thrifts for your homes, and even curbside hunting and dumpster diving.

    I'm ready to take it to the next level this year, creating more merch from cheap and free furniture and inspiring others to do the same.

  2. I agree. While Salvation Army & Goodwill are raising prices, I still know a lot of untapped places. Those are my little secret.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. I couldn't agree more. I am always shopping at estate sales (going to one shortly...) and frequent the Good Will, etc. (Mine doesn't look like yours, though!!) These pieces provide exactly what you mention - character, uniqueness,'s the greenest way to shop. I also suggest "shopping" your own house. Most of my clients who have lived in their homes for awhile have perfectly good stuff shoved away in the garage, attic or closets. I can't tell you how many times I've styled a room using items people already have.
    Happy Friday...and thanks for the great post!



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