The HEAT is on, and I'm not just talking about the Miami Heat! I'm talking about this new to me desert heat! It has definitely been taking some getting use too. Apparently, you can be dehydrated, and not even realize it. I thought, "I'm not sweating. How can I be dehydrated?" But that's just it. I had started to experience severe headaches, usually later in the day, until someone mentioned, I might be dehydrated. I've started to drink more water, and the headaches seemed to have gone away, or subsided for the moment. The news said with this type of dangerous heat we experience here in the desert, we are to drink two bottles of water every hour - even if we're not thirsty. The heat here in AZ increases as the day goes on vs. living with the Miami Heat, we would peak a heat wave between 12pm - 3pm - with a cool down in the evening. In AZ, the peak heat is usually around 4pm-5pm, and lingers even after the sun goes down (because the heat is retained in the concrete and asphalt. It's all so different than the Miami Heat...


So on this first day of Summer...

But speaking of  MIAMI HEAT...

Keep tearing up the floor!

How do you beat the heat?
Stay cool. Stay hydrated. And pile on the sunblock!
Happy first day of Summer!

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  1. THUNDER UP!!! Sorry, I couldn't help myself...I'm an Okie girl and want our Thunder to win it all! And it's Thunder Day here at my office... Let's see, can I say Thunder one more time???? THUNDER UP! :-D

    Oh and it's supposed to hit in the 100's here later this week - except with humidity. We feel your pain!



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