Secondhand Style Solutions: Summer Finds

You could go crazy & broke if you jumped on every fashion trend bandwagon happening every season. Although some are fun to admire from a magazine, (like the neon trend) not every trend is for everyone. I think (or at least I hope) the older we get, the more we understand and know what will and what won't work for our body type or personal style. Yes - there does come a time in ones life when it's time to retire the black Lycra club dresses of years gone by (think of it as making closet space for fresh updates!) Knowing this + being inspired by the trends will makes it easier to spot seasonal finds through consignment or thrift. After time, you develop a signature look. No neon here, but I've lucked out on a few secondhand summer finds I've spotted in AZ to add to my summer wardrobe. From Summer Whites to Gold Details and Wood + Straw to B+W prints!

Goodwill & Savers Thrift

 Different Goodwill stores in Chandler area.

Goodwill & My Sister's Closet Consignment


 Goodwill & My Sister's Closet Consignment 

and always a summer staple item... 
fun to collect over time & display

 Goodwill & My Sister's Closet Consignment 

Speaking of My Sister's Closet Consignment Shops.... 
They are having a SHOE SALE this weekend!

Friday June 8 - Sunday June 10

In Florida, we didn't have a My Sister's Closet store. I just learned about it here in AZ and love it! They are also online at: I've found some great (better quality) deals from their Scottsdale store & Chandler location. Their local home office is located in Phoenix and has a cute sign outside: 

Since they also sell furniture at My Sister's Attic, I thought this was clever:
Wanted: One Night Stand. :)

So eco-chic!

Beside women's apparel  & furniture, they also have 
a mens shop called Well Suited.

Great brass cuff from 

Simple graphic blazer... 

Inside the fitting room in Scottsdale...

My first finds at MSC.

My latest find was in Chandler the other day.
LOVE this bag - It's BLACK. It's straw. It's two-toned with wood handles and has a great corset-like detail in the front!

Small bags inside help keep this big bag organized!

 What are some of your fave summer items to hunt for 
to add to your wardrobe?  
A new acquaintance I met here in AZ went to My Sister's Closet for the first time after we met and scored a great pair of Ferragamo sandals for her NY trip for only $20! If you're looking for a little extra cash, and they have a location near you, you can also sell your pieces at My Sister's Closet (or even at Plato's Closet). It's win-win all the way around!

Have a great weekend - shopping for deals to create your 
signature secondhand style for summer!

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  1. It's rare for me to say this but I love ALL the items you showed in this post! The gold pieces, the graphic blazer, and the wood & straw pieces would be my favorites. I have never heard of My Sister's Closet but we have Plato's Closet all over Houston. I have sold there but never purchased. It seems, based on your post, that the selection is better and classier at My Sister's Closet. I will have to check my area. Great post as always, girl! Happy weekend!


  2. Thank you Cathy!! I don't see any locations in TX - but they do have product online to check out + they just opened a store in San Diego to check out too!

    xo Lynda



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