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I would have never thought when I joined Olioboard about two years ago that it would have become so popular and I'd be participating in some of their biggest online events! Yesterday was the kick-off to their first monthly Monday Moodboard blog hop to not only promote the site, but also help promote the abilities & perspectives of ten design bloggers selected to be a part of it. Although I was hesitant to join when I was invited by Leslie Carothers, I said yes. Why was I reluctant? Because the topic was kids rooms, and I'm not a mom. I questioned whether or not I could do it. But I was overwhelmed with support and I am grateful. One designer + mom even said she wanted her little girl to meet the boy who would be growing up in the rooms I created at Olioboard! (Missed the post? See it HERE.) Too sweet - Thanks Kate. 

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Jennifer Reynolds

Many thanks to all who participated - everyone shared a different perspective from tips to presentation. One of the creative tip presentations came from Jenny Reynolds who took her Olioboard to another level by presenting it as an Instagram! (Note to self: I need to get that app!!) Thank you also to Leslie Carothers and Sheilah MacSporran for the invite to join in on the fun! Although I think myself and a few others may have clogged some Facebook feeds when hopping and sharing posts! (sorry!!) Along with sharing boards, I also shared a few relative links to other kid related topics + products on the Focal Point Facebook page. You can catch up by visiting and "LIKE" page here.

Thank you all who also joined the #OlioHop on Twitter, Facebook, and left comments on blog posts and pages. It was a great event and I'm honored I was a part of this fun endeavor with Olioboard plus the other amazing design bloggers. EVERYONE did a fantastic job! Looking forward to seeing more #OlioHops at Olioboard!

Thanks again for "hopping" by!


  1. It was so much fun! I was happy to be hopping with you. You are incredibly talented in your design sense, and have now conquered a new realm! I'm sure you will come up with some amazing DIY tricks for babies and kids that I'll be using down the line!

    1. Yes it was Kate! Hopefully we can all get together and do it again sometime! Thanks and happy to keep in touch!

  2. Lynda and other design bloggers- check out YES Spaces! blog and website by Barbara Miller. She's a highly credentialed designer, but uses a specific philosophy in creating child-centric spaces that foster development. She's an awesome friend and member of WithIt (along with Leslie Carothers and many other of your

    1. Thanks for the info Cathy! Bloggers seems to be changing its format a bit - I'm not seeing comments in my email, and yours seemed to have been cut off :(



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