Small Space Style Solution: Creating A Summer Entry

After living in one space for five years, and then moving to another, it can take some time to learn the new space. Seeing what familiar piece can fit into a new space in a refreshed way, but still have that familiarity can be a challenge. Something else that can also be a challenge is dealing with smaller space, especially an entry. For our entry in our previous Florida town-home I was able to create seasonal vignettes to welcome guests, set the tone for our home, and flow the dining room space into our great room off the kitchen. But I can't do that here because our layout is different. I had to come up with another way to create an entrance - but in a small space.

One element we did have that I am able to reuse in a similar way were the floating shelves stacked in the stairway. One the Florida floating shelves I was able to create a rotating display of photos, decor, wall art - even a Hitchcock inspired "Vertigo" Halloween hallway. Since we don't have an open entry, but a narrow stairway, I utilized the floating shelves concept for our entry. As we come down the stairs from the living area, it's still open, with only two stacked mirrors reflecting the shelving. The shelving was slim enough (same width as the handrail) that it was able to work with the railing wall. I would have liked to have had a table, but it would have interfered with our walking pattern, especially bringing up groceries.

Using mirror helps open up a small space.

Shelf bracket repuposed for hanging.
Rope was I used to hang the lanterns was from Home Depot, 
but you can also get it at Big Lots.

No space for a table in this narrow area.

Narrow shelves work great in a small space.

The shelves, I set in May with a few summertime memories from Florida: Photos I've captured in Key Largo, photos Jeff has snapped of us going to Key West, a beach shot I captured in St. Augustine, and a few starfish I also picked up on one of our travels. The newness in blending what we had came from adding in a few rustic elements, like the squared & galvanize lanterns (I got here at Homegoods for $16 ea.) I hung from rope. The brackets are actually shelving brackets I spotted in Home Depot (for only $6 each.) I love the look of a woven grass rug, but since that is out of the budget right now (to do in the living room),  I opted for this oval grass rug in the entryway. It's texture not only relates to the rope, but it picks up on the rope detail on the frames (Habitat for Humanity ReStore - FL) and an oval mirror I scored here at the Goodwill ReDesign Store up in Scottsdale (only $5). Since I collected a few baskets here to work into my summer decor elsewhere in the house, I also added one here to keep the flow (another Goodwill score for only $1.99!)

Photos I shot in Key Largo - edited to B&W - printed & framed.

Merging East Coast memories into the Southwest.

The rustic lanterns & rope details will transition nicely into Fall, as well as holiday - since I had added that type of detail to our holiday decor. On the shelves, I'll be able to switch beach photos for Ansel Adams cacti photos, or other AZ details I've shot on my travels. Do you have a small entrance in your home, apartment, or rental? And you're at a loss of what to do with it to create a welcoming entrance? Try stacked floating shelves. I think I had gotten these online at West Elm back in 2006, but I'm sure other sources are available. These shelves are 48" length x 4 1/2" width from the wall x 1 1/2" thick. Just enough to lean frames or fit a few collectibles or even bottles.

Thank you to those who responded with feedback to my 10 questions I posted (just before this post). I greatly appreciate your input as well as enjoyed reading the comments.

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  1. Lisa (plantation sunset)June 28, 2012 at 4:55 PM

    Hi Lynda, this is a great post and this is the meat and potatoes we like for you to serve-up (at least I like these posts anyway). Keep it up and glad you're feeling better:)L

  2. I agree with Lisa, these types of posts are my favorite. They not only show the final space, but the how's and why's it looks so darn good. Thanks...........




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