911 In Remembrance In NYC

It's a rainy and somber day here in Arizona... quite a bit of a contrast to this day last year. Last year, Jeff and I went to NYC for the 10 year anniversary of 911. Reflecting back on the day, I've been sharing many of the photos on my Facebook wall, and I wanted to share a few here on the blog. Each year it seems, people seem to be remembering less and less, which kind of scares me. Isn't that disconnect or desensitizing how the events on 911 happened to begin with? Be that as it may, here are some of the images I captured from the day spent in NYC on September 11, 2011...

The day began in Midtown, at the steps of St. Patrick's Cathedral. Many of the streets were empty (probably because it was a Sunday). I wrote in my journal and just reflected back on the moments. The city was different than it was for the first year anniversary. Back then, every window display was for 911. This time, I think I only spotted two (probably because now this time of year is focused on Fashion's Nite Out). From St. Patrick's, we walked up to and around Central Park and up to the NY Historical Society to view a 911 installation. We later took the NY Waterway to Downtown to Battery Park and walked around. I wrote and added a ribbon to the city's Ribbon's of Hope wall. Afterwards, we took a cab to the 911 Museum Workshop where we not only met the official photographer of Groundzero, but we were able to hold some of the artifacts from there - like a crucifix made the the recovered steel. Making our way back up to Mid-Town, we were able to see the march of NYPD and NYFD down 5th Avenue. In the evening, after dinner, we went back downtown which was actually a last minute dissension from Jeff and I'm grateful for it. Being at the WTC site at night on September 11 had an entirely different feel and mood - it felt more as if it was the locals...

 Just take a moment to acknowledge just how significant this day still is...

 n e v e r   f o r g e t . . . 


  1. I have not forgotten! Thank you so much for honoring me, my friends, my family, all the loved ones lost - mine and others. Big hugs to you, Lynda!

  2. I'm Canadian but I haven't forgotten. ~ Maureen

  3. Just saw all your photos thank you so much for sharing... this allowed me to see all that was taking place yesterday in NYC. -Monica



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