New York City Trip 2011

The day before we left to NYC around this time last year, Jeff found out he had gotten promoted, and that we would be relocating to Arizona. Flash forward one year, and here we are. I think in the rush of getting the house ready to sell, getting it sold and packed up when we came back, I wasn't too focused on blogging. I love taking photos, and I had SO many I had planned on sharing, but they've been sitting in sets on flickr. Since it was a rainy day here in AZ, I took the time to sort the photos to share here. Although the trip was to honor the 911 10th Anniversary, the trip was not all filled with sadness & memories. We did a little exploring, walking around the market at Union Square, row houses in Chelsea and shops in the Village. And even though it was Fashion Week, there were a few vintage & thrift shops we also visited like Housing Works Thrift and Shareen's Vintage, plus we also got to a flea market on Sunday morning on the Upper West Side. The City can be such a great source of inspiration. I just LOVE taking photos of the it. Here is a condensed version of our trip...

NYC TRIP | 2011

I still find it hard to believe any time I meet someone who has said they have never been to New York! If you haven't been yet, you've GOT TO add it to your buck list! The City is SO rich with life, museums, eateries, people, shops, inspiration, colors, architecture, energy ... and most importantly HISTORY... I  just can't imagine a minute without it!

And when you do go... enJOY every second of it because it will be gone in a 
New York minute...

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