The hubs and I have two favorite months to travel: May & September. Neither are too hot nor too cold and it's not quite a peak time, so travel can fit into a budget. In may, we usually like to travel as an anniversary trip and in September, we travel to create a new more pleasant memory to replace a bad one. When we travel, we don't always take a flight somewhere: we use the time to drive and explore the area around us. Driving to the destination also means we can save on rentals, taxi's or trains for transportation. Although it was EXTREMELY dark at night in the Red Rocks of Sedona, after our Broken Arrow Pink Jeep Tour and lunch at the Cowboy Club, we walked & drove to some area shops. We saw so many wonderful pieces from local artisans like metal work, textiles, jewelry and pottery! One set of shops reminded me of Coral Gables or St. Augustine Florida: The Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village. It was rich with Spanish architecture, lush tropical foliage, and amazing pottery + tile work. Another shop we popped into caught my eye because of a certain Steampunk vibe: The Victorian Cowgirl. The last shop we stopped at called Son Silver West had a unique mix of American Pickers delights (like the outdoor gallery of roadsigns) plus weather beaten vintage finds. On our travels in South Florida, I would usually collect shells, starfish and coral - here in Arizona I'm starting some new collections: horns, crosses and hacienda keys. I think it means something, but for the moment, I'll just leave that one alone :) Enjoy the tour of shops and finds...

Above is from the hotel ...

American Pickers delight!

Even some rustic Halloween finds..

Color inspirations...

Lovely weathered wonders...

Reminiscent of Florida...

Steampunk style at the Victorian Cowgirl...

I'm probably using some of this as Fall inspiration...

Elements of Arizona
Horns, Crosses and Hacienda keys

The links to the shops are above, but the online sites do not do justice to what the actual shops are like to walk thru and experience. This City girl has been going thru a huge culture shock living out west. Exploring and learning more about other parts of this state (vs. living in the east valley) was an enjoyable experience to learn about visiting Sedona.

It's not the energetic Concrete Canyon of New York City... It's not not the Metropolitan Tropics lifestyle of South Florida... but THIS part of Arizona is beautiful...

 If you're going to Sedona, use the links to get the locations. For accommodations, we used our points and stayed at the Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa. I'm grateful for the room upgrade they gave us. We had a beautiful view from our bedroom & balcony... and I'd image in the cooler months, having the fireplace in the room will be an extra treat! Breakfast was dee-lish too! Hope you enjoyed the tour...  A little get away to start off fall with :)

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  1. *** Hi Lynda~~~ Jim n' I were there for a few days/nights last week... the beauty, and relaxation that comes with it, are ALWAYS unbeatable! (We go there occasionally, but just bought a lot & will be building a "mountain getaway", to avoid the summer heat, in Show Low, at the Torejon Golf Club.)...

    Nice to see a fellow Arizonan enjoying some of the BETTER things about life "in the desert"!!!

    Linda in AZ *

    CUCINA RUSTICO has an incredible selection of the most fabulous meals, along with great service... L'Auberge (sp?) is ALSO FANTASTICO for meals OR staying there... you must try them next time you go, m' friend!!!

    Liknda in AZ *

  2. *** OOPS! Sorry about the "typos/mixup" above!!! Smiles, Linda

  3. Lynda you've made me fall in love with my home state all over again! I'm dying for a trip up North now. Your photos are so pretty!



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