MY FRIDAY FIND: A Brooks Brothers Polo Coat for $8

Last week I had the opportunity to meet up with another blogger from the east coast: Kate of Dabble In Chic. We met last Friday for coffee, and afterwards, on my way home I popped into a thrift shop along the way: good ole Goodwill. On my way walking down the last aisle making my way to the home section in back, something caught the corner of my eye. I stopped. I took a few steps backward and turned toward the dress rack. But it wasn't a dress that caught my eye. It was a beautiful, charcoal grey wool double breasted polo coat. And when I looked for the label inside, it said Brooks Brothers. I then searched for the price tag: only $7.99. 

If this were a NEW coat at Brooks Brothers, 
it would sell for $1498 for men and $998 for women...
Gotta love second hand finds!

With a grin on my face and pep in my step, I walked over to the mirror to try it on... PERFECT fit! No buttons missing. No tears. Lined and well made, a perfect coat for the fall & winter here in AZ (or even better - NYC!). It does get very cold here, and although I do have fur coats, wraps, leather jackets and a peacoat, this gives another alternative to them all, especially with a menswear trend I'm noticing happening this fall....

I love history and I also love learning about the history behind some of my thrift finds. The Polo Coat has a history you can read about at The Gentleman's Gazette. The Brooks Brothers Polo Coat also has a history dating back to 1910... in New York City The label also has a bit of a history to it. From what info I gathered, my label shows that it's either vintage 70's or it came from a campus ivy league shop...

1910 Brooks Brothers
Polo Coat

The English polo coat was introduced to the U.S. by Brooks Brothers. Originally white with pearl buttons, it was later offered in grey and the classic camel hair. By the 1930’s, more polo coats were being worn by the students at Miss Porter’s School for Girls than at any boys’ prep school - Brooks Brothers Archives

No, it's not the Renoir that some lady picked up at a garage sale for a few dollars (and it's worth thousands) but it is good to know that good quality pieces can be found for a fraction of the cost, just by thrifting at Goodwill. What have you thirfted lately? Are there any stories behind your finds?

Since Jeff is off this week, we're taking the day to drive up to Sedona, explore and stay the night. I don't know if there are any thrift shops there, but I'm sure I'll be too memorized by the scenery and taking pictures to thrift anyways :) Have a good weekend!

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  1. What a great score you made at GW! I find it hard to find good name brands goods at my local GW in Westchester County.

  2. I love how you research the history behind your finds Linda. So interesting! I recently found a really great Michael Kors black pencil skirt, WITH ORIGINAL TAGS for $5.99. I was ecstatic when it fit perfectly.



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