Season for Giving: Kids Christmas Donations for Hurricane Sandy

From cookies to coloring books, I've been busy trying to focus on Christmas "goodness" rather than the awful acts that happened last week. I think over the weekend, I baked every cookie my mom and I baked together when I was a kid! And in between baking, I wrapped up sending out holiday cards - especially to some online acquaintances that have become special people in my life this past year. I also had fun with a "pay-it-forward" project I wanted to do: Shop for super storm Sandy kids for Christmas. I had taken a little poll on facebook (since I'm not a parent) to see if I was on the right track - and hands down YES: Kids art supplies beat toys! My pay-it-forward came from having received a $100 cash gift from Jeff's mom when she was here for Thanksgiving. She said it was to go buy something nice for myself - but I don't "need" anything, and these kids do. I had planned to go shop (last) Friday, but with the news of Sandy Hook, I didn't head out until Sunday. I picked up some pretty good deals at Big Lots on artful activities for all ages from coloring books + crayons + colored pencils, charcoals & pads, art kits, water color paints + brushes + pads... and even a few cool journals for those writer tweens, some warm & cozy socks and a few toiletries. I donated all these goodies to "Stuff the Bus for Hurricane Sandy." Even if they don't make it to New Jersey in time for Christmas, the activities will be donated to a Sunday school church....

Kids Christmas Donations to Stuff The Bus for Hurricane Sandy
 Monday through Friday -- 8 AM - 5 PMBarker Bus Company
81 Chimney Rock Road #2
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

If you're local, call Peggy at 732-580-6475 before you arrive if possible.
 Out of town donations may be sent to Barker Bus's address above.



Added in some throws & a card too...
A little tough to do this year (to be 'jolly') but doing what I can from here to help!
And so can you!
New Jersey still needs our help!

There are ways to help, no matter your location...
Thanks for stopping by...

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