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Funny how after all the years I worked in retail, I won't pay full price for anything. Between shopping off season, sales, discounts and knowing which sources to go to, I find ways to save money and still create a stylish look for a home (or now an office) on a small budget. It's not about settling for less, but being flexible and creative when creating a space. Even when I planned floor moves at JCP, I'd present three options - Think Good - Better - Best. I see myself doing the same process when shopping around for a project - wanting to get the most bang for your buck. Originally, I had included a beautiful piece I spotted online at ZGallerie - Blossom Melody - good, but priced at $300. When I took my client shopping, and showed her, she really liked it, but I sensed she was taken back by the tag. Keeping that in mind, along with adding up the other items needed for the makeover, I kept an eye out for a lower priced replacement.

ZGalllerie - Blossom Melody - $300
REVISION TO POST: Found exact match for a $200 SAVINGS

World Market - Garden Party

I thought I had found the right replacement at World Market - Garden Party by Jodi Maas - a canvas, slightly smaller than the ZGallerie canvas, but better priced at $99 and on sale for $79. The colors are perfect (the shades of green/blue) and the organic lines will be a great contrast to the Bradstreet Slipper chairs I found at Wayfair. But Saturday, the deal got even better...

 Lowes - Ode To Spring

While out Saturday, I popped in Lowes. No joke -- Out of the corner of my eye , while on my way to the restroom, I noticed that blue-green color in a box I had just passed by. I walked back to it and pulled up a great looking blossom canvas, even better than the one at World Market (because it had more blossoms, less branch and no orange) -- but the BEST part was the price: only $39.98 for Lowes - Ode To Spring Would you believe, I put it back... walked away... and said, "No, I'll regret it." So I went back and got it. When I put it in my holding space with the other items I've collected for the makeover, I couldn't be happier! This gives $200+ back into the budget to put towards something else (like a console table).

The colors keep changing in the light...

The Bradstreet Slipper Chair has blue + Green + Grey in it - LOVE it!

The picture on the floor is of 2 olioboards I printed to one cardstock for my notebook.

Patience pays and again, not all great deals are online. NOT that I'm knocking e-commerce at all: great to "know-before-you-go" shopping, what stores are  charging for the item you're looking for. Than you'll know if/when you're getting a good deal at a brick & mortar store. Some other finds I spotted at Lowes...

 AWESOME Greek Key pillow covers at Lowes...

Yes - Only 6.98!

Window panels with fretwork banding...

Since the blossoms canvas will be in the reception area, these two smaller canvas pieces can work on the bookcase in the office to give it a little color...

"IF" there is extra money at the end of the project, or the client decides she REALLY wants the ZGallerie one (and won't mind going over budget), I'll gladly go do an exchange run. And there is a pretty cool connection to the ZGallerie Blossom Melody wall art: the artist, Lynlie Carson, is from Arizona. In the meantime, its become an inspiration piece along with her existing Tao wall art to remain...

Client pieces (above) inspired the original concept (below)...

UPDATE: Space has been installed since post - and client (plus her clients) are THRILLED with the end result! Post + tour coming up shortly!


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  1. I think clients appreciate it when you spend their money as if were your money - getting the most band for the buck as you said.

  2. I cannot believe Lowe's sells pillows and pillow cases! I need to look there more when I go there it is with one item in mind...I get it and go. I so enjoy your blog you are so informative and a wonderful decorator.

  3. What a great find, and at Lowe's! Guess you never know what you might find on the way to the restroom :)
    The entire project looks absolutely beautiful.



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