Nate Berkus and His New Fabric Line at Calico Corners

Along with a new line of bed, bath & decor accents for Target, Nate Berkus recently launched a great collaboration for a fabric line at Calico Corners. He has so many inspiring prints to chose from, on display at the entrance of Calico Corners. While at my local Calico Corners (in Scottsdale) I asked if by chance Nate might make a personal appearance + book signing at the shop -- Although they said no, I am hopeful (hint hint Nate!) With so many pretty patterns from Nate's line to chose from, Calico featured a great way to display them in your home: Use fabric samples as book covers! If you don't want to cover any of your existing or old books, you can definitely thrift for old books to cover... and add a little pattern to you book shelf style. Another great way to display your fave Nate Berkus fabric samples is to frame them for wall art (see my previous Framed Fabric Wall Art post) Here's a peek around Calico Corners, here in Scottsdale plus a chance to WIN a copy of Nate's book!

Cover old books with your fave new Nate fabrics!

Great pattern to recover a pair of slipper chairs!

While at Calico Corners, check out some of their other wonderful fabric choices, including Thom Filicia and Ralph Lauren plus many others...

Love the mix of maze, stripes and Ikat patterns in grey + gold...

Store display

And be sure to visit Calico Corners (even online) to enter for a chance to win a copy of Nate's new book, Things That Matter. Recently, Nate revealed himself in a two part interview about the book & his life on Oprah's show, Super Soul Sunday...

Things That Matter - a MUST read and book to add to your design book collection.

 See Nate's interview here: Super Soul Sunday.

Also... be sure to check out all the great Nate prints at:

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