In honor of today being the first day of Autumn (officially beginning at 11:09 tonite!) I just wanted to share with you a few images I found online... as well as an AMAZING flickr group called AUTUMN sharing beautiful fall photos...

What do you like about Fall? Is it the change in the temperature of the weather? Is it all the beautiful colors in the fall foliage? Is it reflecting back on childhood memories? Is it looking forward to all the family gatherings coming up just around the corner? Is it just simply a beautiful and creative means of expressing your creativity while decorating your home? or is it a combination of all of these?

Some of my fondest memories I have of fall are taking walks with my mom (usually just a few blocks up to the mailbox or neighboring park) cruching and kicking leaves around as we walked hand in hand, falling into leaf piles with neighborhood friends after my dad raked the yard, and a few (painful) acorns fights (I was a bit of a tomboy at times). Now I not only miss those times, but I miss the serious change in weather and the beautiful leaf colors. A few years back, I had visited my Godmother up in Jersey during the month of November. I can remember not being able to breathe in deep enough - the smell of wet leaves after a cool autumn rain...

Happy Fall (ya'll) from Florida!
(it so ain't the same...)

All images sourced from google images.


  1. Fall is my fave season........I despise heat and humidity and love sleeping w/the window open and a crisp breeze coming thru!

  2. One of the things I love most about New England are the four seasons. Of course I always feel differently when there is a snow storm and the mess it causes.

  3. Hey Lynda, your not missing anything. It was so hot/humid and disgusting here in Jersey today. Ugh cool in the morning so sent kids off with sweaters and they came out sweaty and red faced. So we probably have the same weather right now



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