This years "wicked dwelling" decor has been set! Last year, I had set Halloween in our dining room (you can see here) and out front... but this year, I took full advantage of the height and floating shelves in our stairway.  As I mentioned yesterday, Sunday I had watched the Alfred Hitchcock movie Vertigo. This Hitchcock thriller, along with another - The Birds -  ultimately catapulted the Halloween decor vision into the stairway. I already had the decor pulled together in the garage, so I started pulling some of the pieces on the stair landing. Since October first is this coming Friday, it seemed like the right time for Halloween's 'execution' (lol)...

Tree silhouette wall art: $5 thrift find from about 5 years ago...
paired with Hitchcock birds..

Simple DIY projects from thrift finds - I'm sure can also be
improved by several DIY bloggers out there!

Ultimate Green Decor
Utilize found tree branches into height of a space and
put those wine bottles to use: Recycle into haunted decor.

This years addition of Dollar Store spanish moss upt the creepy factor of
last years BigLots skulls, Michael's crows and Target black pumpkin.

Mixing thrift finds (silhouette art), DIY projects, existing home decor & Halloween decorations creates impact on a budget - total cost: only $7 this year for 2 bags of moss and five additional small crows.

Although at first I was inspired by the Pottery Barn Halloween entrance decor, and it even inspired the start of  the previous post Branching Out Into Fall (after finding all those branches on the side of the road - I felt like Morticia Addams while clipping off all the leaves), I really wanted to keep our front entrance more Autumn than Halloween. This space is filled with reused home decor items (like the wood plaques, metal wall plaques, and candle holders)  along with six simple DIY projects - I'll be explaining in more detail in another post this week.

Take an inspiration and make it your own.

Turn Back sign picked up at the grocery store last year for $2.

Existing wall plaques: Wood plaques from Marshalls, metal plaques (on shelves) from Pier One (have three but only used two here).

Make the most of what you have: If you only have a few items, keep them all pulled together for stronger impact vs. trying to spread them everywhere.

Use Google Images to fill thrift frames.
Print on special paper to help age their effect.

Use Picnik to give special effects to images.

Even for Halloween decor: Think of old things in new ways.

Do you decorate for Halloween? What are some things you like to do? Do you have a party? Do you get dressed up in costume? I don't know why I love it so much. Maybe it's so fun because it's an opportunity to REALLY be extra creative - from home decor, to foods, to costumes... When else during the year can you combine all of these? "Maybe" Christmas, but costumes do have their limitations :)

I could have kept going - but know when to say when...

By setting Halloween in the stairway (which also works well with the sound of our bones cracking - lol), it allows the rest of our home to have a warm & cozy Autumn feel. Since branching out for Fall, I've added more burnt orange, colorful Fall leaves, and heavier fabrics like velvet - I'll also be posting these updates shortly, along with some Fall Fix-Up Tips for the house, my latest thrift store finds, wardrobe tips, and updates on the client project...

So stay tuned...

All styling, projects and photos by Lynda Quintero-Davids




  1. What an awesome looking HALLOWEEN HALLWAY and soooo THRIFTY!!! Thanks for sharing it with all of us here atNIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS!


  2. LOVE!!!! your ideas. I have an idea what i want to do now. I saw last year's post with the branches in the dining room, I love the shelves this year. You are clever beyond words.

  3. Hello! Thank you so much for your sweet comments and for becoming a follower! So happy that you linked up! I also am new to this whole linking thing. So wasn't really sure how it worked but l am loving it!

    Your fall and halloween decorating is wonderful! You are very creative! I too love to get into the "creativity" of decorating for this time of year. Using items found outside to thrift store finds is my favorite thing to do more than just running out and buying just any halloween decoration. It takes me awhile to warm up and get going. I did my "Creepy Elegance" post mainly to get me in the mood and get going! Every year I say I am going to do more but never have the time! I am off to read more of your wonderful blog! Have a great day!


  4. Hopped over from Met Monday. Great job on the halloween decor! Love the thriftiness of it all. I love using what you already have!

  5. You are amazing!!! I always love to see what you have done!

  6. Oh my word, your vignettes are unreal. I am amazed at how elaborate and fun they are. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. These are incredible...I mean spook-tacular! xo Stan

  8. Looks terrific. Dontcha just love Hitchcock!?

  9. Apologies for the corniness...but your home is hauntingly spooktacular!!!

  10. WOW!! That looks fantastic!!!

    Great job you did! I'm not a Hitchhock fan, he scares the bejeezes (?spelling?) out of me!

    I do a little Halloween decor only because the kids insist.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today and your sweet comments too.

  11. Your Halloween decor is creative and original...and I love all the great prices! Nicely done!


  12. Your tips are great! What a spooky hallway! Thanks for sharing with Sister Sister. Come back and visit us again!

  13. Lynda I always love to see your work. Ive actually been thinking about going back to merchandising. Husband thinks Im crazy since baby is only 6 months. He says to just continue having fun merchandising the house every week. lol It has been fun but I miss planograms and layouts. lol

  14. Wow, what an awesome hallway display! You are very talented!
    Thanks for linking up to my "Open Haunted House!" The linky party will be held every Friday 'till Halloween so please come back again! :)

  15. That looks so great! I love it! I also love that you found so much at thrift stores!

    Tashia @ http://homeinspiredbliss.blogspot.com

  16. Just wanted to let you know that I featured your awesome hallway display on my blog today!

    Here's the link to the post:

    Have a happy Friday! :)

  17. WOW!! THANK YOU so much for the visits and compliments - Tashia, Daphne, Lucky7 Jersey Girl!, Mark & Aslie, Blondie's Journal, Bette, Anne, Carmie, Stan, Marty, Jemsmom, Gail, Jamilyn, Marlis and Linda!! And a very special thanks for the blog feature at MooMoos&Tutus Party Designs!!

    Happy to read you've enjoyed the spooky decor! Happy Fall - and Happy Halloween! And yes Carmie - I'm now lovin' Hitchcock!! xo

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting...
    :D Lynda

  18. This is so creative! I followed you from MooMootutu Party :D

  19. This is awessome!!! Creepy and fabulous!!! You did a fantastic job!

  20. I like how you perched your birds on the branches. It is so realistic.


  21. Love the use of the branches. I have done that also and will be showcasing two Halloween tables like that. You Hitchcock theme is creative and full of fun details! Well done.

  22. I saw your blog on SSS sude bar and your picture looked interesting -Well my golly your blog is fantastic -incredible Halloween display --okay i need ( notice need not just want to know -lol) to know how you did the bird pictures, what kind of "special paper" did you print on -Take us step by step -this is awesome -my teen age sons and their friends would love this display -you are funny too-talking about your bones creaking I am so glad I found your site -whish you were my neighbor :-)

  23. Wow, This is amazing! You are really creative and I love all the Halloween decor.

  24. Thanks Sherry's, Danielle, Erin, and Carrie! Glad ya liked it!! Kathy too - and the special paper was just some old left over paper I had in a box. I think it was called "Confetti paper"... and its color was tan - so it helped to age the look of the photo - but editing the photo into Sepia could work as well...

    Sorry for the delayed response - I've been working on a project for my first client - so I guess I got a little distracted from blogging for a bit... Thanks for stopping by!!

    :D Lynda

  25. I love it - especially the colour scheme...looks like it stepped right out of a Hitchcock movie!
    Visiting from Craftoholics Anonymous.



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