THRIFTY THURSDAY: Latest Thrift Finds

I've been thrifting since my days back in high school. Back then, I searched for jackets, coats, and accessories. Although I still rummage the racks, my thrift love has grown to seeking unique pieces and deals on home furnishings. This past Saturday, I ventured up to one of my favorite spots for furniture finds: Faith Farm Thrift in Ft. Lauderdale. About every six weeks, they actually have a SALE, and discount their thrift finds even more. People who know and go to this event usually pull up with a U-Haul to haul away their finds. Here are a few pics of what a spotted Saturday....

Needs a little TLC (missing door on top)
but a great piece for only $39

Great lines on this piece at only $39
Go bold - go red to refinish...
or simplify the update in black or white lacquer

Lovely little side tables for under $10

$35 dresser - but can also be a buffet

$10 dresser

Thrifting is a great means of salvaging discarded furniture, recycle & upcycle, furnish your home or apartment, and even add interest to your already existing interior. Asian inspired details can work great with modern clean line interiors... While French inspired pieces (with all their curves) can add interest and update a more traditional interior. All you need to do is "look past the ugly" - a weekend of stripping, sanding, and painting or a trip to an upholsterer, and you too can update your space - even on a budget...

Most enormous piece yet! YES!! This is ALL one piece. Unfortunately,
it got a little water damaged because the tarp tent gave a way from the rain...

These curvy pieces (at only $35 for the pair) could look great
refinished in bisque, white or pewter...

Ormolu details on this $39 dresser

A pair of bergère chairs only $59
Reupholster in cream linen, a damask, or
for something fun: paint black and go for a bold polka-dot fabric.

A wingback chair for only $25...

If you're in the market to update your space, definitely stop by Faith Farm Thrift, in Ft. Lauderdale. They have two other locations as well - but I haven't ventured to them - YET!!
Boynton Beach Faith Farm
New Furniture and Thrift Store
9538 Hwy 441
Boynton Beach, FL.
(561) 737-2222 (561) 737-2222

Fort Lauderdale Faith Farm
New Furniture and Thrift Store
1980 NW 9th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL.
(954) 763-7787 (954) 763-7787
Donations: (954) 468-1440 (954) 468-1440

Okeechobee Faith Farm
New Furniture and Thrift Store
1852 Hwy 70 West
Okeechobee, FL.
(863) 467-4342 (863) 467-4342

Happy Thrifty Thursday!


  1. Hello! Actually, they are excellent bargains. A good retirement, new lacquer..., can do wonders! Sometimes we spend a fortune with new furniture, fashions, but not both in quality and no good wood.

    I loved your space blogger.

    I wish You Success and Peace.



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