As mentioned in yesterdays post, Branching Out Into Fall, I'd like to share with you some pics of what those lovelies looked like before... as well as some additional ideas for them.  They were pretty full when the pile was spotted while driving down a street on Monday...

Jeff and I went back to this pile with gloves, clippers, and his truck. I really had no idea just how HUGE some of these branches were so PLEASE - be careful when digging into a pile, or if you trim back some of your own trees to get them.

Not wanting to bring in any critters (ants, wasps, bees), after trimming, I used a pet safe bug spray (because Sephora - like her mommy - LOVE sticks!) The brand we had and I used was called ECOSMART ORGANIC INSECTICIDE - it kills on contact, it's non-toxic, and safe around pets and children (and it doesn't smell bad at all.)

After letting the branches dry-out and air out - at least over night in the garage, I brought them in and used them around the house - not over doing it in every room - but focal points of view in common areas around the house...

By far - my fave is in the dining room - which I'll be playing around a bit more with. I'd like to add leaves (I know - silly right? After just cutting them all off - lol) But autumn leaves... just probably in a more modern application.

I was wanting a more dried leaf look, and then I spotted these plaster leaves Michelle did over at Something Simple Designs. She used hers on twine as a garland (go to see her project Maple Leaf Garland) , but I can see these being added to some of the branches...

For Halloween, I could see painting these black and adding my black crows, spanish moss or Martha Stewart bats to them... then for holiday, spray them white and create a winter wonderland. I'd like to bring all the branches into the dining room and mount them all to the wall - like a forest for more drama in the dining room...

If you have no branches around you to cut - take photo to create new wall art. You can still acheive the same feel in a space.
This photo I took in DC in 2008.

Sunday I'll get to dig into the attic, and bring down some more treasures... I so love this time of year... It's probably because of the fond memories of growing up in it, like taking long walks with my mom or falling into the leaf piles with friends...

What memories of fall do you have?
What's on your agenda for this long weekend?
Whatever you do - HAVE FUN!

Happy Weekend!
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  1. Thanks Lynda for all the great tips. Its nice here today in Jersey so heading to the park/waterfront with Big Daddy and kiddos. Hopefully with all the wind there are tons of branches down.

  2. Hi Lynda, great post! I totally agree, the plaster leaves are exactly what you need! I like the really branch laying too! Thanks for including me! :)

  3. Great idea. The last time I brought some in I forgot the bug spray! Not good!

  4. Great tutorial......it's nice that we can learn from your wisdom!! :)

  5. LOVE this!!! I did something similiar on a smaller scale last November for my childrens teachers. I cut branches from our tree then the kids painted terracotta pots. After I placed the branch in them I had the kids make leaves out of fall colored construction paper. They wrote things that they were thankful for about their teacher. I hole punched them and used twine to attach them to the branches. They turned out really cute. Now i'm going to send Mr. Treasures out back to cut some larger ones for home!!! ;)

  6. I love this. I'm going to give it a try.

  7. Thanks Cyn, Angie, Jill, Mona, Michelle, Lucky7 and Marty! That's a great idea too Angie! I did something 'similar' for a holiday party where I use to work except, everyone wrote a wish. At the end of the day, the store manager randomly pulled off three wishes, and they won a gift (a gift card). It was nice reading all the wishes... Good luck with the branch gathering in NJ!! ;)

    Thanks for stopping by....
    :D Lynda

  8. Pretty neat ideas! I like branches for decor....Christine

  9. Love your Fall inspiration post. I have done several on my blog also. I find it hard to decorate for the Fall but I have come up with some ideas that seem to work for me. If you have a chance take a look at my Fall post and my Fall list of elements I like to use I think you might like it.




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