So you're all inspired for Fall... cleaning out your closets, updating your wardrobe with some new trend details, and even decorating your house. Maybe while you've been cleaning out a closet, you've come across a few items you still would like to keep - just not to wear anymore. An old cable sweater perhaps? While linking up with some blog parties, I found this wonderful way to re-purpose an old clothing item: a sweater. Now I've seen a sweater turned into a pillow cover - that's almost a given - but I've never seen a sweater converted into a vase cover!

Stephanie Lynn over at Under The Table and Dreaming created this simple project called The Recycled Sweater Vase, that can add a bit of rustic charm for fall or winter to almost any decor. And even if you can't part with your favorite old sweater, I'm sure you could find one for under $3 at a Goodwill or Salvation Army (I'd even check the children's area).

What a wonderful way to display some of those fall branches and a renewed way to look at a simple glass cylinder vase. Rather than finding a filler - get it cozy with a sweater - I LOVE it! Be sure to check out her blog where she gives the step-by-step of how to do this Recycled Sweater Vase project!

YAY! Something new to hunt for - and size does not really matter!


  1. Wow! The sweater vase cover is a really cute idea! I never would've thought to do something like that. I love it! I love bringing nature indoors in the form of "good old sticks". My hubby thinks I'm nuts because I collect sticks when we go walking and then admire them. I've got a bucket full of branches in the garage and periodically downsize them.

    Blessings to you,

  2. Ive seen this on Steplanie Lynn's blog but havent tried it yet. I have a ton of maternity sweaters from this winter that I could definately repurpose. After 5, I dont think I'll be needing them. lol Have a great week. Love your blog



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