Do you think only your dining room, living room or bedroom are the only spaces to create a focal point? Think again! Why not try creating a holiday vignette in your stairway? A few years back, when we had first moved in here, we had put in floating shelves on the stairway landing wall. It's highly visible both when traveling up & down the stairs, but also when you enter our home and pass through to the living room. At first, I had utilized this space to feature our wedding photo collection. For the holiday's, I'd remove pictures or adjust the arrangement to incorporate some holiday elements.

Red chargers worked well to add a pop of color. One year I used simple garlands on the shelves. Another year I used a flocked branch, berries, and my sentimental NYC black Christmas balls (I found at Target about three years ago). For added sparkle, I've even hot-glued clear acrylic snowflakes to the railing uprights. The shelves are usually where my husband & I will surprise each other with a card (or two) before Christmas. Since we don't have a fireplace, it's also been a good place to hang our Christmas stockings.

This year, the stairway Christmas decor was kept simple.  Back in October, I had cleared the shelves to make the space a pure holiday vignette (remember the Hitchcock Hallway?) For Christmas, I relocated "Inspire" and "Love" from the office to mix in with some more gold pine cones and those acrylic Dollar Store snowflakes I got about two years ago. On my way up the stairs to bring the mirrored trees to the bedroom, I decided to try them on the shelves. They fit - I liked it - so there they stayed!

The small mirror tree I got at Target about six years ago and the other I had gotten at work about four years ago. My mom gave me the silver picture frames also about four years ago - which I used to frame some favorite holiday cards in winter scenes. The corner stand holding the larger tree is relocated from the living room (b/c "the" tree is there now). The tree on the stand I had found in Marshall's Homegoods way back in 1998. Ironically - it was gold and I had sprayed it silver... and now I am seriously considering spraying it back gold again. Funny how styles change - but go back.

Do you have a stairway? Do you deck it out for the holidays?
I like the look of the garlands on the rails that I've seen in several homes posted at the link parties.
Maybe next year ~ I'll have to try it =)

Hope you are enjoying a GREAT weekend (especially with the brisk holiday weather!!) I'm off to start making wintry centerpieces that I'll be installing tonite for a company holiday dinner down south in Coral Gables.

See you back on the blog on Monday!



  1. What a creative idea. I love your shelves in the stairs, and they are decorated beautifully. Hugs, Marty

  2. Lynda, I love love the simplicity of the black and white with the pop of red. The use of the large snowflake was just the right touch. Merry merry Christmas to YOU and YOURS

  3. Hi Lynda, every version of your vignettes are beautiful. I love the red plates -- fantastic, and the others are just as perfect.

  4. love the decorated stairways... Merry Christmas!

  5. This is the most simple and yet stunning display I have seen in a very long time. Classic and timeless! Bravo!

  6. I saw this on Under the Table and Dreaming and could not get over here fast enough to see more photos. It is SO beautiful...I love it!!! Those shelves are to die for! What a great use of space!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Ooooh, what a fine looking stairway wall embellishment you have there. I love home decorations, especially when placed in stairways, or in my case, spiral stairs. Stairs, being one of the main focal points of a house, you can't go wrong in having spiral staircase kits and decorating it to your liking.



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