Hope everyone enjoyed a project filled weekend! If you've got time for one more, here's one to try: an easy to make friendship quote wreath. To help update the look of my moms holiday decor last year, I repurposed two grapevine wreaths I had. If you don't already have grapevine wreaths, they can be found while thrifting or picked up at a craft store like Micheal's. By simply spraying the wreaths white, it refreshed their look to make some simple winter wreaths for my mom's town home. To add a little subtle shine, I also added a few frosted branch picks that can also be picked up at the craft store. If red is in your decor for the holidays - mini berry picks can also be added. These wreaths really helped to dress up the front & back door of my moms town home, but I hung them both on the inside using removable Command Performance hooks. 

Since my mom loves her friends, and also loves friendship quotes, I personalized the wreaths with some friendship quotes I thought she might like. I found the quotes online (google searched "friendship quotes"), retyped the ones I liked in some simple fonts, and printed them (more column style) on white card stock - but any craft paper could work.

I kept it simple, but you can also easily hot glue clusters of glass ornaments or pine cones in every other space. After using a hole punch at the top of the cards, I had attached them with wire (because that is what I had on-hand), but it could look even more charming with ribbon. The card stock is sturdy enough to form curves and follow the circle of the wreath.

My mom and her guests enjoy seeing the quotes when visiting during the holiday season. Since these are "non- Christmas specific", they can stay up all winter long - or add shells to them and stretch their display out through spring & summer.

Over the weekend, I had worked on a simple centerpiece I created for a holiday dinner party for 25 guests. I'll be sharing those pics and some DIY info on them tomorrow.

My Centerpiece Prep & Planning

Colin Cowie Style & Inspiration

Have a GREAT week!



  1. simply gorgeous...and looks so chic! i will certainly try to make mine this year!

  2. I have one question. Where do you store your stuff that you are not using?

  3. I love the wreath, so pretty. Stopping by from UTT&D.

  4. That's a good question Destinee =) I have a garage - and I know how to use it... lol Some items are in boxes stacked in the closet (like textiles) and some stuff, I've donated - like these wreaths I gave to my mom LY. Our Christmas though - we keep in the attic.

    Thanks for stopping by Lila, Destinee, and Jennifer.

    :D Lynda

  5. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us. I love this wreath. Bless you!



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