Have you ever been so taken with inspiration from a photo, you just have to try it? And then when you do - you love the look! That's what I did this year while setting up our holiday home. I started on Friday by removing all the Fall decor - inside and outside. After everything was packed and stacked to go up in the attic, I removed all the dark decorative elements from the space - from window panels to even the rug. Removing the rug is what really created the biggest impact for the change of the look of the space. What also helped was closing over the ecru sheers paired with the cream silk panels. It created a soft wall in the space. And I think this is also probably the first time in twelve years I actually styled the sofa with its original pillows - all cream canvas.

Removing the B&W area rug gave me the space to tuck the fall urns behind the sofa, and once again utilize the branches I found back in September. Their silhouette is what creates a wintry focal point in the space.

On the small table I already have behind the sofa, I placed two simple glass cylinders, filled with neutral pebbles, white pillars, and two of my glass icicle ornaments to add a little shimmer (great means of repurposing an otherwise broken ornament - glass loop had broken off - no way to hang). Relocating the silver tray w/3 grapevine orbs also added a natural texture.

Three small lumbar pillows in white tie in the white of the tree and wreath in the space.

The repurposed branches are simply adorned with my glass star ornaments (I've had now about ten years) and paired with a few new champagne glitter stars I picked up at the Dollar Store. Since these are prominent in the space, I switched out their ribbons and strings for these fun scroll S hooks I also found at the Dollar store.

The existing white table I had paired with two white ottomans was relocated upstairs. Because I do have dark accent walls and furniture pieces at either end of the room, I replaced the coffee table trio with this burl veneer table - given to me last year from our neighbor after we had a garage sale. Last Christmas, I had used it as the side table. Its openness at the bottom allowed me to also bring down my ecru shag accent rug - which gives texture to the space.

Also giving texture to the space is the white fur throw on the cream sofa.

The two white ottomans replaced the black leather bench I usually have here for extra seating. We still have the same seating (minus one chair which was replaced by the tree - however I did flank the TV unit with two thrifted cream chairs I found for only $5) plus these maintain storage for those Christmas CD's, DVD's and extra candles. The ottomans are also holding the two small dark storage boxes I usually have on top of the ottomans (when they were in front of the sofa).

 From the Thanksgiving centerpiece, I repurposed the pheasant feathers as a tree topper. They really helped to add height to the 6.5' tree. The feathers also helped to add a simple natural element to the tree.

I used only my mercury glass, clear glass and white ornaments on the tree this year - simple spheres, icicles and snowflakes. To update its look without going spending much, I added in two tubes of gold glitter balls from Big Lots and a box of 21 small gold glass ornaments I picked up while thrifting for only $1.

I love the warm glow of simple white lights at night. To add another natural element, I also used some silver painted pine cones into the tree.

Since the wall and the TV unit are dark, I created a layered art-scape utilizing two sizes of blank canvases. The large one in the front was previously covered in fabric (a B&W shower curtain) and I had used it for a Valentines vignette on the dining room buffet.

I relocated the white horse wall art (I had made from a $1 calender) and paired it with another, but more simple branch (previously on the dining room buffet).

To edit the TV unit display, I removed a few books, but what remained (for height) I covered in white by using the reverse side of removed book jackets. The magazines in the trays have also been removed. The trays remained, I added some snow, and it is where I stash holiday our cards we receive. The "JOY" this year has also (since picture taken) been attached to the canvas.

To also help keep the shelves simply set, I pulled together the glass cylinders into two groups of threes. Two are only filled with snow and pine cones. One large painted pine cone sitting on the books added just a touch of gold to warm the silver white and chocolate mix.

 The one in the center has only snow and one small white branch pick (previously I've used on the tree).

At holiday is when I usually pullout my small collection of silver urns. I also usually have them around the house filled with fresh cut pine branches. This year, I kepted the grouped together to create a mantel-like display on the TV unit top.

This became a great place to stash Chirstmas scented candles that don't match the color scheme - and it gives an awesome glow to the space at night. The urn on the left was polished using toothpaste. The urn on the right I left tarnished to add interest to the vignette mix.

I removed the black trays from the side tables to create two small holiday tablescapes.
To still give height and add texture, I turned my PB books backwards (w/o jackets) and stacked them under the lamp. In lieu of flowers, I used two of my three small white trees. To give the trees a finished look, I placed them in white glossy flowerpots from the garage.

I had the Tiffany bowl on the bar counter for Fall filled with apples, but since I had found a similar style bowl while thrifting, I set them both on the end tables this year. I added the small pebbles (also in cylinders behind the sofa) to the mercury glass and white votive candle holders. 

The bowls are filled with my existing snow, natural & painted pine cones, and small white balls. To add a dash of gold, I also added in brass bells I picked up at the Dollar Store. (lol - A Tiffany bowl and Dollar Store bells - now THAT is a HI-LOW mix!!)

Over on the other side of the space - since it is already dark, heavy and full... I replaced the fall vignette and glass globe lamp for a simpler vignette.The coffee table also got a simple silver & glass trio, with a touch of gold from the painted pine cone and brass bells in the bowl. 

 I also hung our three initials - Jeff's mom gave us last year - from the wall sconces.
(You can probably see better in the previous image). To simply dress the white wreath, I added in these tear drop gold ornaments I found - yet again - at the Dollar Store.

While I'm cozied up with the fur throw on the sofa, Jeff has his throw and soft fluffy pillow (kinda like Sephora) on his chair.

We needed a little more light over on this side (especially when we're sitting at the counter eating at night) so I brought over the silver lamps from the dining space buffet - but switched their shades from black to white.

The bowl is just a serving bowl usually hidden inside a kitchen cabinet. It added a little glass shimmer and its holding a vintage silver & gold tree topper - given to me by a dear friend (and old boss). Repurposed glass from scented and glades candles worked on the silver pillar holders (previously holding white pumpkins for fall). I used the Dollar Store scroll hooks to hold peace-hope-joy, which last year, was on the real wreath in the dining room.

Comfort & Joy...

The wintry whites, silvers and gold inspiration for this year not only came from magazines and our little ball of fur - Sephora - but I was really taken by that one photo of a white horse in the snow I had framed for the dining room for Thanksgiving. Editing everyday decor, removing most black elements, repurposing existing items in new ways & spaces, along with mixing existing ornaments with thrift and a few Dollar Store finds not only transformed our our South Florida town home to a winter wonderland - it was done at a minimal expense - only $24. Hope you enJOYed the tour...

May your Holidays be filled with
and JOY!

Time to paint the dining room...
(*** DONE!!!***)

Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Breathtaking! And amazing that it was all done at that price! I love the serene! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Lynda as always...your designs are so inspirational. I love to look at your work and find something I love and try to do my own version of it. Ive always wanted a white tree, maybe I
    ll grab one this year at an after christmas sale. Happy Holidays Jersey Girl!

  3. Stunning Lynda and also easily adapted to an Australian Christmas. Thank you once again for the inspiration. I will be sure to add some of your photos and a link to my post later today.

  4. What a delightful snowy beautiful Christmas design you have -- you certainly thought of every little thing!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! You are truly inspiring....thanks so much for sharing not only the amazing results of your creative design but also the blueprint you followed to get there. The ornaments on my branches are now hanging on S hooks purchased at the Dollar Store!

  6. So fresh, sparkly, wintery...what a ton of work to switch out your furnishings. Your home looks like a beautiful winter wonderland. Gorgeous!

  7. You've certainly created a calming winter scene. It's gorgeous.

  8. what a snowy winter wonderland, Love it. I love the reflection of the white twinkly lights in the tv screen, that is a great shot. Magazine worthy,Kathysue

  9. I am thoroughly jealous of your cream sofa and spotless white rug. I would LOVE to have that...but it will probably only happen if/when I get my own office/room with a lock & key to keep the kids and their sticky selves out of it!

  10. That is the most beautiful Christmas decor I have ever seen. You have inspired me, thank you!

  11. * Dear Lynda~

    There's SOOOOO MUCH BEAUTY and INSPIRATION here! What a DEEEELIGHTFUL 4:30 a.m. read~~~ (I couldn't sleep, but NOW I'll NEVER get back to bed... tooo excited, and my brain's running a mile a minute thinking about delightful, new ways to add some "special flair" for my dinner party for about 85 people tomorrow night!)... (And I THOUGHT I was "all ready"!!! )...

    When ARE you going to write YOUR BOOK, my friend?????? I'll be first in line to buy it!!!

    Warmest holidays wishes and THANKS, girlfriend!
    Linda in AZ*

  12. Beautiful and flawless

  13. This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the feathery look of the white wreaths and trees. I'm inspired!

  14. OMG, you have inspired me to move around a few things in my, love, love everything about this space...Especially the tree...I have a white tree too...but, I have dark curtains...think I'll try my old creamy canvas pair...I'll let you know how it turns out...Oh yeah, I found you through Mr.Goodwill Hunting's blog...

  15.'s so classy yet cozy, totally perfect. Most excellent work as usual Lynda!!

  16. This is absolutely gorgeous. Well Done!!! I'm loving the feather topper.

  17. Wow, you have done a wonderful job. . .It should be in a magazine!
    You can just enjoy the holidays now with all
    the decorating perfectly in place.

  18. gorgeous. Stunning even. I love it all.

  19. Thanks for stopping by Crafty Texas Girls! I love new blog friends :) Your Christmas decor is to die for. So much inspiration, I will definitely be using to add my to home!

  20. so pretty!!! Love the warmth and coziness of it all!!

  21. your house looks like a beautiful magazine! It's cozy and chic.

  22. WOW what fabulous photos Lynda...I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed looking at them, so vivid, and I noticed every little detail to perfection:)! Good job.

  23. STUNNING ! Great pictures of a great space !

    thanks for sharing,

  24. Wow- it's all so beautiful! The TV-top vignette really is stunning in the contrast between the rustic elements and the shiny bits. I'm so glad you linked up so we all could see!
    : ) Meg

  25. Gorgeous, a beautiful display with so many pretty things to admire all blended to create a quiet and peaceful space. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  26. Now I am inspired! If only I could borrow some of your energy! It seems to take me forever to get anything done now. I can't believe you have done this in a week or less!

  27. Lovely, absolutely lovely!

  28. Oooooh. Lovely and warm and cool all at the same time! Wonderful holiday to you too!

  29. This is gorgeous! I could curl up with that wine all night, just beautiful!
    I found you through Rhoda, so glad I did!
    Happy Holidays

  30. Found your blog through Kelly's Korner. Love what you've done here! All that contrast is so dramatic! Love the simple Christmas decor. And that wine looks yummy!

  31. I am both honored and flattered by all your beautiful comments and compliments for this post. I am also humbled by reading how I have inspired you - THANK YOU!! ;-)

    Much gratitude and appreciation to all of you who took the time to stop by and leave a comment. Blessings to your and your familiy for a festive holiday season!

    :D Lynda

  32. Wow, just love everything you have done! I love simple & elegant so much & you've really pulled it off so well. Gorgeous decorations!!

  33. Lovely, sophisticated holiday metamorphosis...thank you for sharing your excellent design insights. Cherry Kay

  34. Fabulously contemporary with just enough nostalgia vis-a-vis vintage/vintage-looking pieces. The addition of natural elements took it to yet another level through color and texture. Very soothing, very serene, very pretty.

    That is BREATHTAKING!!! Let me pull my JAW up off the laptop! Lynda! GORGEOUS! I am your newest MOST EXCITED follower! I have an interior design business and blog...Your Tree...WANT!!! I am CRAAAZY about white/or flockes trees...I would LOOOOOOVE it if you would come visit my blog and 14 days of xmas trees...I have a giveaway that may not fit your decor, but maybe a gift...anyhoo, would LOVE for you to visit and be a new follow for me...Im going to roam around your blog more right now!!!

    *ENTER CUSTOM FLORAL Give-Away Here *


  36. Thank you VERY VERY VERY much ladies... It's been a bit of a rough year around here - so I am really taking in your beautiful comments to heart. I'm happy to see that you can see the (much needed) tranquility in the space...

    Thanks for stopping by and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
    :D Lynda

  37. So simple and beautiful. Great idea to turn the book jackets around to the white side.

  38. Stunning. I love that you repurposed (glass from glade & scented candles, pheasant feathers into a tree topper, etc.) and shopped your home to pull so much of this fabulous look together. What you have shared here truly demonstrates how you can put a great look together without spending a lot, and I think that's so key.

  39. What a simply stunning Christmas decor you created. Love all the natural elements(especially the feathers as the tree toppers).


  40. Special....very it so much x

  41. Oh, honey, it's stunning! I'm in love with all the different layers of texture and shimmer...and the simplicity of it. You're so talented! Love that you can say Dollar Store and Big Lots in conjunction with such a chic space. ;o)

    Blessings and Merry Christmas!

  42. I absolutely love it! Love all the white. Beautifully done.

  43. So beautiful! It just looks so calm and peaceful!

  44. All of the winter white is stunningly beautiful! I loved it all, especially the funky trees behind your couch! Awesome...thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous home.

    Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year...

  45. It's all been said... however, couldn't help but add my admiration for your awesome creativity! What a fabulous asset Florida has in you! :-)
    Sincerely, Sheryl aka

  46. So gorgeous and calming! Makes curling up on the couch with that wine look heavenly! Great job with your decorations!



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